Internet is a space to showcase and promote any business, or promote a product, make money online or just share personal ideas and stories.and a website or blog can make easy these things,If you are thinking to make a website or you want to earn money without investing a single penny You are on the right place.I will describe short and sweet method here

So my dear friends for this you should 

1. First register yourself with a free hosting domain (it can be,bravenet domain or tripod domain,you can choose any one.)

2. Then select any free hosting website.

3. Register there with suitable free hosting plan according to your requirements.

4. Then register your free domain there.

5. After then search free templates on google,you can find so many free template providing websites on web.

6. Upload your tempalte via ftp or html editor of your web host.

7. Now you can mange your pages by ftp if you have little knowledge of html or make some pages with the help of WYSIWYG Website Builders like dreamweaver etc.,many web host provide a free WYSIWYG Website Builders with their plans.You can use that also.

8. You can also start blogging if you have any problem with above steps,In blogging,your blog host provides you all facilities like widget,templates etc.

9. If you do not have any html knowledge,you should go with design view of your free host

10. Now you can run your free website easily.And share your services,thoughts with others.


  1. By yazmine perkins


  2. By yazmine perkins


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