New Nokia X2 -01 phone review,price details and more

Nokia’s new entertainment focused phone new Nokia X2 -01 is recently launched in the market.This is small budget phone made by Nokia ,targeted for youngsters and the part of Nokia X-series phones.The designs has 2.4 inch display and full QWERTY key board which looks inspired by blackberry phones design.The resolution of the screen is 240 by 320 pixels.As stated that it is low budget¬†mobile so it is lack of wi-fi and 3G facility.Camera supports VGA pictures with 640×480 resolution and 24 fps QVGA video shoot.



This phone is based on symbian S40 OS.There is lack of multi tasking feature in S40. Nokia maps is included in S40 to prevent the user from getting lost or to help in finding locations.Java is included in the new Nokia X2 -01. This is a popular language that most mobile games are created with. It allows the new nokia X2 -01 to play feature-rich games.

Nokia X2-01 phone review

Nokia X2-01 phone


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