How to Make your own portable softwares with VMware ThinApp – Step by Step Guide

Portable applications users are increasing day by day as it gives you the convenience to use any application without any installation and can be accessible from your desktop, laptop, USB Flash drive, USB pen Drive or external Hard Disk. You can download portable software from many websites available on internet. But you can’t find every portable software you want to use on these websites. VMware ThinApp is the perfect solution of this issue, it helps you to create your own portable application or software. VMware ThinApp tracks all changes made to the computer during the installation or removal of software and create compact application with built in dependencies. We will tell you in step by step guide that How to Make your own portable softwares with VMware ThinApp?

VMware ThinApp

How to Make your own portable softwares with VMware ThinApp

  1. First Download VMware ThinApp from clicking here ( it is not a free software, so either purchase it or download trial version by registering yourself.)
  2. Now install VMware ThinApp to your system and run this software
  3. Then Click on Prescan for create system snapshot before your software installation.portable VMware ThinApp
  4. Then wait until it completes current system state scan, then it will ask you for install a software that you want to make compact.Install Application VMware ThinApp
  5. Now Install your software which you want to make portable as you install normally on your computer, Please enter all serial numbers and other license information for complete setup. Also reboot if your software requires it. (make sure that at the time of prescan the software not installed on your computer.
  6. Now click on Postscan button after completion of your software installation as in the snapshot aboveportable softwares VMware ThinApp
  7. Now Choose the executable files you want to be the main container to open your compact software(for example: TuneUp Utilities 2009.exe in case of TuneUp setup here, this will be the main file containing all the data).VMware ThinApp software
  8. Now Select Everyone button to set permission to all users and click “Next” button.compact softwares VMware ThinApp
  9. Now select isolation mode and click “Next” button.VMware ThinApp
  10. Now select User Profile as Sandbox location and click “Next” button.compact applications
  11. Now enter your own inventory name or leave it for default name and click “Next” button.
  12. Now choose separate data file for portable application or choose only single exe files for content all data files and click “Save” button.
  13. After clicking on Save button, VMware ThinApp will start project saving process. After completion of this process click “Next” button.VMware ThinApp Project
  14. Now Click on Build button to create portable or compact software version of your installed software.Building Project VMware ThinApp
  15. After the completion of building process, your compact or portable application is ready to use.

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