How to Copy Text from Pictures with GTText

When we need any text we just copy and paste that text from document editor and use that text.But think that if we want to copy text from image file or picture file what will you do, you just start typing to write that text, but if it has many words then it is tedious job. There are many OCR tools available in the market to read text from image files, You can take help from our below articles:

GTText is a open source tool to identify text from images and copy paste it to any text file or document file. It supports BMG, JPG, Gif and more picture formats.

How to Copy Text from Image with GTText

  1. First Download latest version of GTText by clicking here
  2. Then Install GTText to your computer
  3. Now open the GTText program
  4. Then open image file from which you want to copy textOpen GTText
  5. Now click on “Copy image text” button on the application toolbar
  6. Now if you are satisfied with displayed text then click on “continue” otherwise click on “Try Again”Copy text from image
  7. You can also copy text from image in selected area by Area Text OCR optionArea Text OCR

You can take help from our below articles:


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