10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook 2010

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most used email client used in most organizations and personal level. The latest versions of Outlook is Microsoft Outlook 2010 and it brings many cool and new features for everyday use. We are widely using Outlook 2010 to send mails, receive mails, manage contacts and schedule meetings etc. We have already share some tips of Outlook in past and this time we will share 10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook 2010, so you can use them for fast work in everyday use.

Outlook 2010

Microsoft’s Office Blog published a small comic also mentioning few shortcuts.Outlook 2010 Keyboard ShortcutsImage Credit : Office Blog

10 Keyboard Shortcuts for Outlook 2010

  1. Switch between Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
    • Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, Ctrl+3: (Mail is Ctrl+1, Calendar is Ctrl+2, and Contacts is Ctrl+3)
  2. Create a meeting request
    • Ctrl+Shift+ Q
  3. Move a message from one folder to another
    • Ctrl+Shift+V
  4. Go to the Inbox folder
    • Ctrl+Shift+I
  5. Toggle between ALL CAPS, all lowercase, and Sentence Caps
    • Shift+F3 (This works in Word and when Word is your email editor.)
  6. Create a bulletted list
    • Ctrl+Shift+L (This works in Word and when Word is your email editor.)
  7. In Calendar, go to the same day the previous/following week
    • Alt+Arrow Up (previous) Alt+Arrow Down (following)
  8. Open the Address Book
    • Ctrl+Shift+
  9. Responding to messages
    • Ctrl+R (Reply);  Ctrl+Shift+R (Reply All); Forward (Ctrl+F)
  10. Send a message
    • Alt+S

Source : Office Blog

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