How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts with Single Login

If you have Multiple Gmail accounts for your business, personal, spouse etc. We have recently told you about How to Login to Multiple Gmail Accounts in Same Browser, but with this method if you sign out from any one account, you are automatically Sign out from all Gmail accounts, you are simultaneously accessing at that time in your browser. And you have to again Sign-In with your each account every time.

Access Multiple Gmail Accounts

But there is an alternate method to overcome this issue so that you can Access Multiple Gmail Accounts Automatically and Sign-in once for all your Gmail Accounts. In this method you just have to Log In your primary Gmail account and will automatically able to access to your other secondary accounts. Email Delegation feature helps you to share your inbox with other Gmail Accounts but without sharing your password. You are able to get instant read-write access to other mailbox. Please follow below step by step method to Log In Multiple Gmail Accounts Automatically.

How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts with Single Login

  1. First Login to your secondary Gmail Account
  2. Now click on Mail Setting button from Top-Right corner of your browser
  3. Just Go to mail Settings of your secondary Gmail Account
  4. Now click on Accounts and Import tabGmail Accounts and Import Setting
  5. Then go to Grant access to your account section and click on Add Another Account Link
  6. Just enter your primary Gmail ID and click on next step buttonGrant access to your account
  7. Now confirm this by clicking on Send email to grant access button.Grant access to your account 1
  8. Then you will receive Authentication email in your secondary Gmail Inbox, click on appropriate link to grant accessMultiple Gmail Account
  9. Now you can Access secondary email from Primary Gmail Account


If you have any query in above mentioned step by step guide to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts, then ask in our comment section or mail us at [email protected]

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