How to create Spiral Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop has many features for graphic editors, We can add and create many kind of text and graphic effects, we are here to guide you about How to Create Spiral Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop. So follow our step by step method for Spiral Text Effect similar to below effect.or watch below video.

How to create Spiral Text Effect in Adobe Photoshop


  1. First of all create a new file with 500 x 500 pixel dimensions and white backgroundNew Photoshop Document
  2. Now Save this file as Spiral
  3. Now create a new layer by click on Layer >> New tab or by pressing shortcut key combination Shift+Ctrl+NNew Layer Photoshop
  4. Then Use the rectangular marquee tool (rectangular marquee tool) to create a selection half of the total canvasNew Layer Photoshop 1
  5. Now fill the selection with black color as shown in the image belowblack
  6. Now apply Twirl Filter to this black layer by clicking on Filter » Distort » Twirl as shown belowPhotoshop Twirl Filter
  7. Then enter 999 in the Angle valueTwirl Filter
  8. Now Again apply Twirl Filter to this layer or press CTRL+F and enter 999 in the Angle value
  9. Now hold the Ctrl key and click on Photoshop Layer layer and you will get image with selection as shown belowSpiral Shape Photoshop
  10. Then open the “Paths” pallette, it should be on the same panel with your layers path window, if still unable to find then go to Windows » PathsNew Work Path
  11. Now click on the “Make work path from selection” Button as shown in above figure. It creates a new path layer
  12. Now again come in Layer palette and select Type Tool (type tool), then select right align in paragraph palette (right selection), select color of your choice, here I choose Red Color.
  13. Now move the text cursor to the center of the spiral now it looks like text cursor .
  14. Now click to type the text you want to add in spiral. and your text will follow the path of the spiral outward. You can hide the paths to see your text better by pressing CTRL+H, now it will look something like below imageSpiral

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