How to Create Facebook Fan Page in 2012 for Websites or Blog

Facebook is most used social network in the world, People use Facebook to connect with their friends, to share new updates or videos and to view updates on Brand and website Facebook pages. You can view below video for an example where we have shown Facebook Fan Page, nokia or justien bieber Facebook pages.

As an blog and website owner you can take help of Facebook for any type of promotions either for any brand, blog or any website. You have seen many fan pages of upcoming movies or events. If you want to create Facebook Fan Page for your blog or website similar to these pages, then watch above video or follow below mentioned step by step guide to make Facebook Fanpage as per New Facebook design for 2012.

How to Create Facebook Fan Page in 2012 for Websites or Blog

Create Facebook Fan Page

  1. Click Here to view Facebook Page Creation Page
  2. Now click on Brand or Product tab
  3. Then select Website option from combo boxCreate Facebook FanPage
  4. Now Enter your new Facebook Fan-page name
  5. Then select check box to agree terms and conditions
  6. Now click on Get Started link
  7. Choose “I already have Facebook account” option, If you are already a Facebook user or Create New Facebook Account by entering your details, if you do not have Facebook AccountCreate Facebook Account
  8. Now we assume, you are already a Facebook user, so enter you face book log-in details and click on login button
  9. Now click on next button
  10. Enter your fan page description and click on save info
  11. Enter your desired Facebook web address, click on set address and Then your Facebook Fan page will be live

You can customize your Facebook Fan page as per your choice by uploading your website logo, pictures and adding other information, if you like this guide, then please share your feedback in our comment section.

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