How To Backup Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular apps at present. It is a medium of uploading and editing photos. It connects people to share photos all round the world. Uploading and sharing of photos has become very easy and exciting with the help of this app. Here is the procedure to Backup Instagram Photos.

How To Backup Instagram Photos

backup Instagram photos

Need for having backup:

People can manually download photos one by one from the Instagram and save somewhere on a device. But it will be a tiresome task when there will be bulk of photos. In those cases, the photos need to be backed up. Photos are means of memories which cannot be afforded to get lost. So they are very precious and should be backed up. People may even remove Instagram for any personal cause and it may happen that the photos uploaded by that user do not have the backup. In those times they need to backup the photos uploaded on Instagram. So here are the steps to Backup Instagram Photos.


First and foremost to backup Instagram photos, one must visit the Instaport site from this address That site will ask the user to provide the ID of Instagram. The ‘Yes’ has to be clicked to authorize the access of the Instagram for looking the photos. Once the procedure is done with, there will be option asking the user to define the way of backup. He or she should select the export service in form of ZIP file. Then the user should specify whether he or she wants all the photos to be backed up or some specified photos uploaded on Instagram.


Then there is the ‘Start Export’ button which has to be clicked. On clicking this button, the specified photos uploaded on Instagram will be backed up to the hard disk of the computer. So the Instaport provides three simple steps to export the photos uploaded on Instagram. The procedure is very simple and anyone can perform the steps. There is no complexity at all in the process. The user can specify photos also between ranges of calendar which is a nice filtration indeed.

Having backup of photos is very important since photos can get lost any time. People can hack Instagram ID and do a massacre. So there must be back up of photos always. The above steps are very simple and convenient for the user to Backup Instagram Photos. With the help of the above steps, one can back up the Instagram photos.

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