5 Top Email Marketing Software

People are having small scale business all over the world. They need email as one of their main tool to maintain their business. Email is used to keep in touch with the people and thus relationship is maintained. There are various Email Marketing Software to serve people in these purposes.

5 Top Email Marketing Software

Email Marketing Software

  1. MailChimp- This is one of the best Email Marketing Software which is affordable by all the users. It lacks a few features which other software has but still the feature it provides is praise worthy. It has got an easy UI and up to 2000 members can be added to it. With the help of this software, a user can send 12000 mails every month. http://mailchimp.com/
  2. iContact- There is a free as well as paid version of this software. It is rich in features and has a HTML editor in it. This software let the user add members up to 500 and almost 2000 emails a month. The paid version costs $10. http://www.icontact.com/
  3. AWeber- This software is an affordable one and has got various features which is praise worthy indeed. It is such software which follows the policy of WYSIWYG. The UI is very easy and convenient and anyone can use this software. Customer’s response for this software is very good. The price of this software starts from $19 a month to up to $239 a month. The feature provided also varies accordingly. http://www.aweber.com/
  4. VerticalResponse- This software let the user upload his or her own HTML. It has also got an image editor of its own. 25 MB of space is allotted for image hosting on this software. It provides real time reporting and there is a good setup for customer service. This is the only software which provides a feature known as ‘pay-as-you-go’. This feature is praise worthy indeed and makes it a unique one. http://www.verticalresponse.com/
  5. Campaigner- This software has got a template builder which is very easy to use. There is a large library also containing premade templates. The software allots 10 MB for image hosting which is pretty good. http://www.campaigner.com/

The software discussed above is very useful and people have given good reviews. They make a business run smoothly. Email maintenance has been made easier with the help of the software packages discussed above. The software tools are available for free as well as paid versions. Those are the best Email Marketing Software available.


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