How to Use Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool

How to Use Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool is some kind of a debatable issue and a vital concern even for some techies in this age. In any case you are using the Microsoft Word 2013 systems you must have had the thought crossing your mind at some point of time. However it might be a trickier chore but it is nothing like you cannot handle.

Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool

Coming to the context of Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool, it has to be admitted that the latest tool has got an adequately long list of features. The highly enhanced Built-in Screenshot Tool is also one of the new imports or newly fangled features. Well, the good thing is that you can proceed working on the Built-in Screenshot Tool with no pain on your part at all. Here is a peep into a step by step guide on this issue.

How to Use Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool

  • To begin with, you have to take a screen shot in the first place. Take it. You will find taking the shot to be a completely hassle free experience. In order to take the screen shot you would be required to switch over in the first place to ‘insert’ tab. So switch over and give a click on screen shot.
  • As you click or make a hit on the specific button you will take liberation of a number of thumbnail images in your system of Microsoft Word 2013.. These images will actually belong to each Window that might be open in your system.
  • Take a through look at the amazing ratio or number of thumbnail images and chose any one among them. Click on it only to find that it is going to get inserted automatically.
  • To make things smoother and better you can also make it a point to resort to the help of the option of Screen clipping. The options are going to be fantastic in the context of using Microsoft Word 2013′s Built-in Screenshot Tool. So make it a very stringent point that you are going to use the option quite sagaciously as well as levelheadedly.

Be particularly careful of the facts and figures that were dished out on the issue and on the subject of Microsoft Word 2013. If you take ample care of the facts presented here then you would not be in any problem pertaining to the usage of this brand new version of Microsoft Word. Best of luck with this new version!

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