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How to Sync Outlook Contacts and Tasks with iPhone

Microsoft Outlook is a very popular and powerful PIM (Personal Information Manager) tool. It is still used by many as a support tool. Many have a problem in syncing Outlook with the iPhone. Here are some solutions to Sync Outlook Contacts and Tasks with iPhone.   How to Sync Outlook Contacts with iPhone To sync Outlook

5 Best Android Phones Under Rs 25000 in 2013

Android Mobile Phones are on top these days, they are the best mobile phones for any budget segment. Today we will discuss 5 Best Android Phones Under Rs 25000 in 2013. 5 Best Android Phones Under Rs 25000 1. Samsung Galaxy S2 Samsung Galaxy S2 sports a single GSM SIM slot. This Smartphone runs on the

How to root Android Phone or Tablet

If someone tries to root android phone or tablet then he or she can get off with any restriction that the manufacturer applies to that product. By rooting your device you can customize the device to a greater extent, run more applications in it and can also speed up its performance in various ways. Before

Top 10 Windows Phone Apps of 2013

Windows Phone OS is fastest growing Mobile operating system and No.of Apps for Windows Phone Platform are increasing day by day. So there are many Apps available in the Windows Phone Store. But it is not an easy job to find best apps among all available Windows Phone Apps, So in this article we will

How to Merge Duplicate Contacts on Android

Even with the advancement of technology and coming up of smart phones, the problem of duplicate contacts is still there. The smart phones have options to sync it with various things like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc. Due to this, many contacts get duplicated. Like there may be a contact containing a person’s cell number. And

Top 10 Android Apps of 2013 for You

Android Operating system is largest Mobile operating system and Every 5th mobile is an Android smartphone. Android OS also has largest App portfolio for users, and there are Tons of Apps available in the Android Play Store. But it is hard to find best apps among all available Android apps, So in this article we

Samsung Galaxy S4 vs iPhone 5 Comparison

Since the release of Android OS there has been a never ending war between Apple’s iOS and the Android based OS. The battle between Apple and Samsung has always been there but intensified even more after the unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S4. Both brands try to compete to their level best. Though the iPhone 5 remains

LG Optimus G Pro Price and Review

Tablet-like Smartphone’s, which are commonly called “phablets”, are being released by most players in the Smartphone businesses. LG has come up with the LG Optimus G Pro. With a 5.5 inch Full HD 1080p display, and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core processor, this phablet is aimed to reach for the sky. With a lot of

Sony Xperia Z Features and Specifications Price Review

After separation from Ericsson, Sony is trying to find its own space in smartphone market, Recently Sony Announced Sony Xperia Z smartphone, the new flagship device from Sony. On paper it has all the goodies, which helps Sony to stay in High End mobile segment. Sony Xperia Z Features and Specifications will have to compete with Samsung Galaxy

HTC One Features and Specifications Price Review

Smartphone market is very competitive these days considering, fast up gradation to smartphone technologies in terms of hardware and software. To match up with the pace of smartphone market, recently HTC announced Successor of its last year flagship One X, The HTC One, which look refreshing in terms of design and features. It also offers some