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Blackberry Z10 Features and Specifications Price Review

Blackberry is struggling to find its lost place in the smartphone market, and market share is continuously dropping day by day. Blackberry know for its QWERTY keyboard based business class phones. Now in the world of touchscreen smartphones, Blackberry’s latest launched smartphone Blackberry Z10 is attempt to regain its market share, and stabilize the position of the company in market.

Best Apps for Finding Deals on Technology

The latest gadgets and technology doesn’t come cheap. A new phone can cost you a few hundred dollars, a new laptop a few thousand. Keeping up with all the latest technology can push your budget to its breaking point. There are many apps that can help you to get the best bang for your buck by

5 Apps for Jazzing up Your iPhone to Improve Your Business

Mobile apps are extremely useful tools for businesses. They offer a way for employees and business owners to efficiently access data and keep track of vital information from anywhere at anytime. The efficiency of mobile applications has significantly improved the business world in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for apps to improve your

HTC Windows Phone 8X Features and Specifications

As we all know, Microsoft is going to launch its latest mobile operating system Microsoft Windows Phone 8 in few days, and many handsets already announced by Nokia, Samsung and few other companies, which are running on Windows Phone 8 OS. Now HTC a well known smartphone brand is also join the party and announced

Apple iPhone 5 Features and Specifications

After months of speculations and rumors spreading around the Web, finally Apple fan’s wait is over after the launch of the new Apple iPhone 5, and now they can enjoy the feeling of the new iPhone 5 which is going to available in the market from 21 September 2012, and pre-orders are already started. Now

Tips To Increase Your Smartphone Security

The rapid advancements in technology have made smartphones vulnerable to cyber attacks. There are many internet and mobile threats from which you have to secure your smartphone. Users also store their sensitive data in the smartphones necessitating the need to initiate security measures to ensure that such data is not misused. The following measures will

Samsung Galaxy Note II Features and Specifications

Samsung unveiled the successor of its monster smartphone cum tablet Galaxy Note, the Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 smartphone in Berlin few days ago. First version of Note got mixed reviews due to its large size as a smartphone, some people feels that it is annoying to hold the Galaxy Note with one hand while

Nokia Lumia 820 Features and Specifications

We have recently shared Nokia Lumia 920 Features and Specifications review, which has been announced few days ago with its younger brother Nokia Lumia 820.Today we will talk about Nokia Lumia 820 Features and Specifications, Nokia Lumia 820 has taken over from Lumia 800 but with few design changes. You also need to know that

Samsung ATIV S Features and Specifications

Samsung has given us many high end mobiles phones in last 3-4 years, adding one more feather to the crown, Samsung has announced Samsung ATIV S, the first ever smartphone running on yet to be launched Microsoft Windows Phone 8 operating system. Samsung ATIV S comes in the crazy-thin 8.7 mm brushed aluminum chassis, which is

Nokia Lumia 920 Features and Specifications

It has been very Long time since we have reviewed any phones, this time we will talk about new Nokia Flagship device, the Nokia Lumia 920 which has been announced few days ago by Nokia along with its younger brother Nokia Lumia 820. Both these phones are the first members of the new Windows Phone