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Use Chromecast to share entire desktop screen

In this era of fast technological advancement, anything is possible. Such an innovation is the Chromecast which is not really a wonder. This is something that can be made easily by scientists but the concept was introduced by Chrome. Chromecast has now spread worldwide but many people hardly know yet that they canĀ Use Chromecast to

How to Upload Video to Youtube from Google Drive

Years after Google got introduced; it has shot a high rating amongst its users. A popular application of Google, the Google Drive is one such which has came up with a lot of useful features. Similar to Drop box, Google Drive has a lot to explore. The Google application offers its users a perfect cloud

How to Setup and Use Google Chromecast with iPhone, iPad or Mac?

An amazing application Google Chromecast launched for users to have an excitement of enjoying, watching and doing anything on HD TV from web without using remotes with Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet. This application on TV can cast the Google play music/movies, YouTube favorites and other more with just through button press. How to Setup and

How to Use Chromecast on incognito tabs

Do you often face up a trouble time contemplating on How to use Chromecast on incognito tabs? The issue of chromecast might pose to be a challenge for the green horns. So, here is initiative to make you updated on the issue in a proficient manner. Have a look and get to be on familiar

10 Top Chromebook Tricks

Are you gaga over Chromebook? Do you wish to have a better grasp about the 10 most popular tricks which you can try with Chromebook? Well, you can always do so, as the guidelines here in the following text will provide you ample idea about the best and the most popularly followed Chromebook tricks in

How to use Google Chrome to Remotely access your computer?

Did you ever wish to remotely access your computer with the aid of Google Chrome? Did you ever wish to grab a deeper insight about the procedures by following which you can precede with your aim? Well, think no longer as the guidelines here will provide you sound information about the subject. With the aid

How to Migrate Google account to a new Account?

Migrating from Google account has a host of reasons associated with it. It might happen that you are totally irritated with your id a [email protected] .com or it might also happen that you are actually sick of the features and structure of Gmail, and wish to migrate Google account accordingly. In either case you need

How to Import Web Data into Google Docs

People have been using Google Docs for long but most of them do not know that besides doing documentation and spreadsheets, there are lot more features. People do not know how to make the best out of Google Docs. Here are the steps to Import Web Data into Google Docs. How to Import Web Data

5 Best Google Desktop search alternatives

The Google Desktop is a wonderful tool for searching any kind of software, pictures, songs or any other thing on a computer. The searching technique is super fast and shows the elements within few keystrokes. Now people also try to find out google desktop search alternatives as it is getting not continued. Here are few

Transfer Gmail Messages to Another Email address

Do you wish to transfer all your stuffs from your old Gmail account? Do you wish to shift all the existing emails, chat messages and other stuffs to a new account? Well, now you can actually move all those essential stuffs from your old Gmail account to a new Email address with an ace. Read