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How to Backup Gmail In Linux

There are lots of Linux users these days. It is one of the most fantastic operating system at present. Now people want to backup Gmail in Linux. Gmail is very important software for email users. They do not know how to do it. Here is the way to Backup Gmail In Linux. How to Backup

How To Add Google Talk to

The is out of preview and is filled with new releases to make one feel experience and productive in personal. Microsoft introduces Google talk, being integrated to directly, through which we can message our friends for audio and text. This shows that Microsoft refreshes the mail service by Add Google Talk to

How to Send Emails from Different Addresses in Gmail

In today’s world, most of the people have got more than one E-mail id and they often find it difficult in switching between different E-mail accounts to send a mail. Google has reduced the difficulty in switching between accounts as now you can easily access and mail your friends with other E-mail addresses using one’s

Beginners Guide to Google Drive for Newbies

Google has launched its latest addition to its feature list on Gmail. This feature is known as the Google Drive. With the invention of this feature, Google has really impressed its users. Previously users were not allowed to upload file more than 25mb on one mail. So before it was not possible to upload files

Gmail vs Comparision

Google is a leading company in the IT world. It has several other branches. These branches deal with various Google components. Google is the most successful search engine in the IT world. People these days refer Google as the internet. One of the famous components of Google is its email service. It is known as

How to add more new Fonts for Blogspot Blogger posts using Google Font

Many times regular blogger think to do something different with their blogs,Either by changing template themes,adding new widgets and changing different fonts in their blog post to give them a fancy look. But blogger has a limitations of having 7 basic blogspot fonts(i.e. Arial,courier,Georgia,helvetica,Times,Trebuchet and Verdana). Now if you want to Add more fonts for Blogger

How to Get Indexed by Google Super Fast in just 5 Ways

Search Engine Optimization is becoming quite popular these days. There are so many techniques related to search engine optimization. While going through these processes, it is necessary for your website to get indexed.  The on page optimization is very much necessary to get you website indexed in the first page of the search engine. Create

How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts with Single Login

If you have Multiple Gmail accounts for your business, personal, spouse etc. We have recently told you about How to Login to Multiple Gmail Accounts in Same Browser, but with this method if you sign out from any one account, you are automatically Sign out from all Gmail accounts, you are simultaneously accessing at that

How to Login to Multiple Gmail Accounts in Same Browser

Its some times very annoying situation when you have more than one Gmail account i.e. one personal, other for business work, and you want to Login to Multiple Gmail Accounts Simultaneously in Same Browser, but in normal case it is not possible to access more than one Gmail accounts at same time in the same browser.

Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specs and Features

Samsung and Google unveiled the 3rd member of Nexus Family Samsung Galaxy Nexus recently, Samsung Galaxy Nexus Specs includes the latest Google Android 4.0 ( Ice Cream Sandwich ) operating system which is design to deal with some of the inherent issues such as fragmentation, in fact it is the first phone to run Android Ice