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How to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013 for Command

People working in MS Office or to be precise in MS Word may assign many keyboard shortcuts as per their need. Those shortcuts may make their working faster. The MS Office 2013 has provided the options to configure the keyboard commands. Thus here it is discussed how to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013  for Command.

How to Import Web Data into Google Docs

People have been using Google Docs for long but most of them do not know that besides doing documentation and spreadsheets, there are lot more features. People do not know how to make the best out of Google Docs. Here are the steps to Import Web Data into Google Docs. How to Import Web Data

5 Best Google Desktop search alternatives

The Google Desktop is a wonderful tool for searching any kind of software, pictures, songs or any other thing on a computer. The searching technique is super fast and shows the elements within few keystrokes. Now people also try to find out google desktop search alternatives as it is getting not continued. Here are few

5 Free Microsoft Office Alternative

Microsoft Office has been the best Office tool forever. But there is other Office tools to which provide very good service to the people. They also have the entire Office package including spreadsheet, documentation and presentation packages. Here is few of the Microsoft Office Alternative which is discussed in detail for the sake of users. 5 Free

How to Backup Evernote Notebooks (Method for Both Windows and Macs)

There are many occasions when one may need to backup the notes present in the Evernote. There are plenty of reasons. One of the common reasons is when a person is going to format his or her device where the Evernote is installed. Also someone may Backup Evernote Notebooks for security purposes. Here the process for doing

Transfer Gmail Messages to Another Email address

Do you wish to transfer all your stuffs from your old Gmail account? Do you wish to shift all the existing emails, chat messages and other stuffs to a new account? Well, now you can actually move all those essential stuffs from your old Gmail account to a new Email address with an ace. Read

How to Backup Gmail In Linux

There are lots of Linux users these days. It is one of the most fantastic operating system at present. Now people want to backup Gmail in Linux. Gmail is very important software for email users. They do not know how to do it. Here is the way to Backup Gmail In Linux. How to Backup

5 Top Email Marketing Software

People are having small scale business all over the world. They need email as one of their main tool to maintain their business. Email is used to keep in touch with the people and thus relationship is maintained. There are various Email Marketing Software to serve people in these purposes. 5 Top Email Marketing Software

How to Create New Project in Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe has recently launched its Monthly or Annual Subscription Based Service, Adobe Creative Cloud. Adobe Premiere Pro has included in the Creative Cloud Suite. And Now it will be known as Adobe Premier Pro CC. Now recent update will be available to users as soon as they release, in fact First update 7.0.1 has already been released

How To Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites at present. People are Tweeting all day round. There are options for adding Check In to the Tweets. But due to some privacy concern, people may wish to Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets. Here are the steps involved for that process. How To