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Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 2

At present, the video editing software programs are in great demand. There are plenty of software programs for video editing and so people get confused which one to use. When it comes for post production, there is no other software better than Adobe After Effects. Here is a detailed study of Adobe After Effects CC

How To Backup Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular apps at present. It is a medium of uploading and editing photos. It connects people to share photos all round the world. Uploading and sharing of photos has become very easy and exciting with the help of this app. Here is the procedure to Backup Instagram Photos. How

Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 1

Adobe After Effects is one of the best products of Adobe Corporation so far. It gives the videos a new dimension and a professional outlook. This product has got lots of exciting effects that help in the post production of video editing. Here is a brief discussion of Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC

How to Export Evernote Data

A lot of people use Evernote nowadays for taking down important notes in the form of writings, snaps or web address. But only taking notes will not help, you must also know how to Export Evernote Data in case of any backup. Based on the issue of exporting data from Evernote the following article is

Whats New in Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe creative cloud helps a user to nearly accomplish every possible task. If you get a membership then you will be able to get access to many applications of the cloud and will receive updates as soon as they are released. Here in this article I am going to discuss about new things like improved

How To Add Google Talk to Outlook.com

The outlook.com is out of preview and is filled with new releases to make one feel experience and productive in personal. Microsoft introduces Google talk, being integrated to outlook.com directly, through which we can message our friends for audio and text. This shows that Microsoft refreshes the mail service by Add Google Talk to Outlook.com.

5 Forthcoming Technologies You Need to Know About

Staying ahead of trends and technologies ensures businesses remain profitable, and helps individuals to take advantage of inventions, programs, and apps that make everything in life a little easier. In today’s technology-infused environment, some significant new programs and apps look quite promising for use in business this year. Here are the list of 5 Forthcoming Technologies

10 Notepad Tricks and Tips

Notepad is the most flexible program of Windows. It is used to create any type of file. On putting any extension, it changes into that file. There are many cool Notepad Tricks and Tips for notepad which may be funny too. These Notepad Tricks and Tips are discussed over here which must be tired out. 10 Notepad

5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome

One of the most popular email services at present is of course undoubtedly the Gmail. People who use Google Chrome know that there are plenty of extensions that help to modify Gmail. These extensions add up extra features to the Chrome. Here are the 5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome. 5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome

20 Evernote Tips and Tricks – Part 2

Evernote is one of the most popular notepad apps at present. It is great for taking down notes on the go. It allows the user to sync the items with social networking sites and other users too. It gives complete flexibility and serves as an awesome notepad for the users. We have already shared first