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How to add Chroma Effect in Video with Camtasia Studio

Most of us reading this post are well aware of Video Editing tasks, and You may have used various tools for your video editing assignments. Camtasia Studio is well known for its screencasting features. But now they are improving the software features slowly, and adding few features in regular updates, which are only found in

20 Evernote Tricks and Tips – Part 1

Evernote is one of the best applications for using as a notepad. It is used to write notes. It is also used to send the noted to someone else via email. The application is fast evolving and people are praising a lot about it. There are many Evernote Tricks and Tips for using this application in

10 Top Mac OS Apps for Mac Users

Every person wants to get a PC or laptop from Apple but the cost matters lot. Though these laptops are meant only for the professionals and cannot be used by everyone. You need all original discs in order to make them run on your Mac. 10 Top Mac OS Apps are discussed below. 10 Top Mac

10 Top Windows 8 Themes Absolutely Free

Top Windows 8 themes are getting popular gradually: Windows 8 is one of the leading OS of computer at present. A huge percentage of people have shifted to Windows 8 in a very short span of time. It has provided lots of new features and an awesome UI. The home screen looks very mesmerizing and

How to Send Emails from Different Addresses in Gmail

In today’s world, most of the people have got more than one E-mail id and they often find it difficult in switching between different E-mail accounts to send a mail. Google has reduced the difficulty in switching between accounts as now you can easily access and mail your friends with other E-mail addresses using one’s

Beginners Guide to Google Drive for Newbies

Google has launched its latest addition to its feature list on Gmail. This feature is known as the Google Drive. With the invention of this feature, Google has really impressed its users. Previously users were not allowed to upload file more than 25mb on one mail. So before it was not possible to upload files

Gmail vs Outlook.com Comparision

Google is a leading company in the IT world. It has several other branches. These branches deal with various Google components. Google is the most successful search engine in the IT world. People these days refer Google as the internet. One of the famous components of Google is its email service. It is known as

How to add more new Fonts for Blogspot Blogger posts using Google Font

Many times regular blogger think to do something different with their blogs,Either by changing template themes,adding new widgets and changing different fonts in their blog post to give them a fancy look. But blogger has a limitations of having 7 basic blogspot fonts(i.e. Arial,courier,Georgia,helvetica,Times,Trebuchet and Verdana). Now if you want to Add more fonts for Blogger

Best Apps for Finding Deals on Technology

The latest gadgets and technology doesn’t come cheap. A new phone can cost you a few hundred dollars, a new laptop a few thousand. Keeping up with all the latest technology can push your budget to its breaking point. There are many apps that can help you to get the best bang for your buck by

Invitation for Guest Bloggers to write Guest Posts

Few days ago I received a mail from a person who want to write guest post for my blog.Until now i haven’t thought about guest blogging,but i liked the idea and now i am inviting guest bloggers from blogosphere to write quality guests posts for my blog. So my blog readers can find different types of articles