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How to Export Transparent Background Video in After Effects CS6

After Effect is Most used Software for Generating various kinds of effect in Videos, Now Adobe has launched the New Adobe Master Suite with Various media and Graphic Softwares, After Effect CS6 software is one important part of that Collection. Now after creating Various Effect to a Solid background Composition, You have to sometimes export video

How to Publish Blog from Microsoft Word 2013 to WordPress

We already told you Many great features of Newly Launched Microsoft Office 2013 Suite (Release Preview), So we assume you all  knows, What are the new features of Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Word 2013 and  Microsoft Outlook 2013, but if you still unaware about these features you should read our earlier articles. If you remember we have promised

What’s New in Microsoft Outlook 2013?

As we already shared few features of Microsoft Office 2013 Suite. The Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15) interface brings the freshness of metro look from Microsoft Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. It is supported by Touch Interface as well as Keyboard and Mouse Interface. We already shared you details about the New features of

Mobile application development and its importance in the market

Mobile application development is becoming very popular in the present business world, with the increase in the competitions; every mobile company wants to remain on top by launching different applications time to time. Many business organizations have grown by taking the advantage of the present situation and by creating the programs which are beneficial for

What’s New in Microsoft Word 2013?

As we already told you, Microsoft Office 2013 (Release Preview) has been released  for public availability. Here is the links to Download Office 2013 Release Preview. English (32 bit | 64 bit) Japanese (32 bit | 64 bit) Espanol (32 bit | 64 bit) The Microsoft Office 2013 (Office 15) interface comes with metro look from

What’s New in Microsoft Excel 2013?

Microsoft has released Office 2013 (Customer Preview) for general public availability. If you have not download it yet, then use below links to Download Office 2013 Customer Preview. English (32 bit  |  64 bit) Japanese (32 bit  |  64 bit) Espanol (32 bit  |  64 bit) This time new Microsoft Office 2013 (aka. Office 15) borrowed the metro look

How to Get Indexed by Google Super Fast in just 5 Ways

Search Engine Optimization is becoming quite popular these days. There are so many techniques related to search engine optimization. While going through these processes, it is necessary for your website to get indexed.  The on page optimization is very much necessary to get you website indexed in the first page of the search engine. Create

3 Best Free Android Launchers for Ice Cream Sandwich

Android is known for its Customization capabilities and Rich User Interface, With the launch of Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich its features and user interface also got Positive changes over Android Gingerbread 2.3. Now Android 4.1 Jelly Bean announcement is probably scheduled on 27 June 2012 and you may got more makeover in Android

How do you change a default application in Android Ice Cream Sandwich?

Many of us now got the taste of new Google Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system and its features. Although android has fragmentation issues but its certainly the most customizable mobile operating system available in the market. If you want to get any kind of feature in your mobile then you will get more

How to Access Multiple Gmail Accounts with Single Login

If you have Multiple Gmail accounts for your business, personal, spouse etc. We have recently told you about How to Login to Multiple Gmail Accounts in Same Browser, but with this method if you sign out from any one account, you are automatically Sign out from all Gmail accounts, you are simultaneously accessing at that