How to Use Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool

How to Use Microsoft Word 2013 Built-in Screenshot Tool is some kind of a debatable issue and a vital concern even for some techies in this age. In any case you are using the Microsoft Word 2013 systems you must have had the thought crossing your mind at some point of time. However it might

5 Google Chrome Extentions for Twitter User

Twitter is perfectly balanced and simple to use for most of us. However, a selected few think it can be better. Being better however, does not need any third party client. By using a few basic Google Chrome extensions, Twitter can be made interesting to use too. Try some of these innovative extensions below to

How To Use Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop CC

There are many features added in Photoshop CC from which Camera RAW filter is largely preferred by designers. Mostly to make nondestructive and powerful filter edits Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop CC is used. How To Use Adobe Camera RAW as Filter in Photoshop CC Camera Raw Filter is empowered by the technologies

How to Merge and Split Ebooks

EBook is the new technological advancement that is fast taking up hard copy books. It has got merits or demerits with merits predominating. It is compact, will not wear and tear and can be read in computer, smart phones and eBook readers anywhere and anytime. Now there are certain conditions when people want to Merge

5 Best Screen Recording Softwares

Computer user’s always finds the necessity of software’s to download some of the basic track records and save the information so as to get and view the records whenever required. Most time images or projects on computers, whether it might be home or work related, particularly capturing of screenshots is often needed. So, Screen Recording

How to Open Password Protected PDF Files

It can be seen that you might have received a PDF file from your friend or someone else which is password protect. For this, you are unable to view the document. Or in other case, you might have kept a PDF file password protected and somehow you forgot the password of the file. For this

How to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013 for Command

People working in MS Office or to be precise in MS Word may assign many keyboard shortcuts as per their need. Those shortcuts may make their working faster. The MS Office 2013 has provided the options to configure the keyboard commands. Thus here it is discussed how to Add Keyboard Shortcut in Word 2013  for Command.

5 Free Microsoft Office Alternative

Microsoft Office has been the best Office tool forever. But there is other Office tools to which provide very good service to the people. They also have the entire Office package including spreadsheet, documentation and presentation packages. Here is few of the Microsoft Office Alternative which is discussed in detail for the sake of users. 5 Free

How to Backup Evernote Notebooks (Method for Both Windows and Macs)

There are many occasions when one may need to backup the notes present in the Evernote. There are plenty of reasons. One of the common reasons is when a person is going to format his or her device where the Evernote is installed. Also someone may Backup Evernote Notebooks for security purposes. Here the process for doing

5 Top Email Marketing Software

People are having small scale business all over the world. They need email as one of their main tool to maintain their business. Email is used to keep in touch with the people and thus relationship is maintained. There are various Email Marketing Software to serve people in these purposes. 5 Top Email Marketing Software