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Things to Remember before Buying Used Cars

Owning a car has always been the dream of many and some of them have afforded to buy one while some others haven’t. In cases like these, Used Cars come in handy. It is the only way an average working class person can afford a car. There are many advantages of buying Used Cars and

How to remove or change Address bar Blogger default Icon ( Favicon ) to Your own Icon

Blogger folks to get professional impression about your blogspot blog, you need custom domain.But after 301 redirect to custom domain, small blogger icon ( favicon ) in browser address bar also looks little unprofessional.We will share in this article that how you can create favicon, then how you can upload your favicon to free web

How to disable 5 New Dynamic Ways to View Blogger Blogs

Last week we all folks of Google Blogger noticed an update at our blogger dashboard to allow site visitors to be able to view blogspot blogger blogs in interesting new ways. This update uses the blogspot blog’s RSS feed, so it’s user friendly , Although as a blogger your custom content from your header, sidebars

How to use 301 Redirect method to change from blogspot domain to custom domain

As you all know we have moved to new domain http://www.techstic.com/ from blogspot domain few time ago,and i thought to share 301 Redirect method with you all.So anyone can easily move from blogspot domain to custom domain using 301 redirect method. You can use it in several situations, including: to redirect an old website to

How to remove Google Blogger's Top Navigation Bar

All bloggers who use google blogspot web blogs are very well knows about top navigation bar in their blog.The Blogger NavBar contains Search Blog textbox, Flag Blog to notify Blogger about objectionable contents on the blog, Next Blog link to visit another blog randomly, plus links to create a blog or sign in to Blogger.Sometimes it gives


BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited ) is still most used landline phone service provider in India, BSNL every month sends usage bills to landline, broadband and postpaid mobile customers.Sometimes its very hard for customer’s to find time that they go to BSNL bill pay center and pay their BSNL landline, broadband and postpaid mobile  dues.But now we can view our pending

How to get Instant Credit Card from Indian Banks

As you all aware that RBI has change some guidelines for Paypal accounts in India and it is very hard to fullfill all of them.So it is necessary to look towards some other alternatives for online shopping or any other kind of purchases.ICICI Bank and Axis bank offering instant credit card facility for customers,so you

How to Switch Mobile Operator under Mobile Number Portability ( MNP ) with same Number in India?

3G technology and  Mobile Number Portability ( MNP ) are currently the hottest topics in Indian Telecom Industry.BSNL,TATA INDICOM and MTNL already launched 3G services and Airtel,Vodafone,Reliance and others are soon going to launched 3G services.Mobile Number Portability ( MNP ) service also launched in india few days ago. So if you are thinking about 

How to Convert handwritten Image files into Text by OCR Software

There are OCR software tools  available in the market for converting printed text image to normal text document or ocr software that can read handwritten text ,We have already discussed about them in our earlier article ” The best online OCR or offline OCR application tools to convert  image document  to text, Word, HTML or PDF 

How to create your own email background stationery in Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2007

We have already told you “How to customize and add mail background stationary themes in Microsoft“,now in this article we are going to tell you that how can add or create your own background in Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Outlook 2007 email stationery.Follow these simple steps to create your own background in Microsoft Outlook 2010 or