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How to customize and add mail background stationary themes in Microsoft Outlook 2010

Many of us are regularly using Lotus Notes or Microsoft Outlook for our email communication,with these email communication softwares we can read or access our emails in offline mode also because these softwares stores our email in our harddrive,we can also customize look of our emails by selecting email background stationaries and fonts setting.We will

How to configure Microsoft Outlook to access emails from Google’s email messaging service Gmail

Gmail is most used free email service offered by Google. Many of us regularly using this service for our daily email communication purpose. But every time we have to connect internet to access our emails, The solution of this problem is Microsoft Outlook ,which save our message in hard drive for future use and any

How to Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

As we already told you that few days ago Microsoft has launched its popular internet browser Internet explorer’s updated beta version Internet Explorer 9.and you can download it from microsoft official website.This looks similar to Google Chrome.But it has only in beta stage so sometimes you face performance issues, although you can increase internet explorer’s

How to add Blogs Stats gadget in blogspot blogger

As we already told you that Blogspot Bloggerhas introduced two new gadgets to its gadget list, Ther are Popular Posts Gadget and Blog’s Stats gadget.We told you how can you add Popular Posts gadget to your posts,now in this article we will show you that how can you to add Blogs Stats gadget in blogspot

How to add Popular post gadget with thumbnail in blogger

Blogger, WordPress and Typepad are mostly used blogging platform in blogosphere.Wordpress and Typepad has both free and paid options with different features,Blogspot blogger is a free blogging platform offered by Google with many rich features.So many of us used blogspot blogger because its very easy to join and easy user interface with equally good features.

Hide, Remove or Stop Automatic Importing of RSS Feeds on Facebook

Facebook is very popular social networking site these days,many people use facebook and its various applications to remain connect their friends and share photos,images,videos,links and blog feeds.People also imports RSS feeds from external blogs or websites and share contents with their friends on their Facebook wall.When any new content updated or posted on that blogs

Read and write PDF files with free offline tool

Everybody needs PDF files documents for daily routine computer work.Either these are scanned documents, office documents or any other image, text or spreadsheet documents. You can easily split or merge PDF files by reading our earlier article. You can read PDF documents by various tools (i.e. Adobe Reader,Foxit PDF Reader or Nuance PDF Reader etc.),

How to online split or merge PDF files with free online tools

PDF is very well known file format for text or image documents,scanned documents or ebooks. Significance of PDF files and the PDF tools in a computer user’s life is totally unquestionable but sometimes it also creates inconvenience especially when someone need to modify the contents or even as simple as when want to merge two

How to use Google Desktop to Quick and Easy Search your Computer Files

It’s now easier than ever to find lost and forgotten files on your computer with Google Desktop‘s advanced search capabilities .Google using same technology in its Google Desktop Search which it is already using in its web search engine , so now Google Desktop search is highly capable of undertaking an efficient search of your

How to create "Control Panel" Shortcut on Desktop

Control Panel is very important location in any Windows operating system, and many times we have to use control panel features for our regular computer works in windows operating system.A person sometimes thinks that it will be a great feature if we can create “Control Panel” shortcut on Desktop and we can use it conveniently