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How to disable GPU hardware acceleration in Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9 )

Microsoft has recently launched new version of their popular browser Internet Explorer which is Internet Explorer 9 ( IE9 ).This browser has very rich features like HTML5 and CSS 3 support and hardware accelerated graphics capabilities for text,graphics and videos.So GPU (Graphics Processing Unit ) will going to play a big part in Internet Explorer

How to Permanently Delete Orkut Account

This article is written for people, those are member of Google’s social networking website Orkut and has their profile on Orkut. Many people use Social Networking Website Orkut to contact their old and current friends. but Orkut is now becoming a SPAM site with the most number of scraps consisting of JavaScript and links or

How to add watermark to digital pictures or images using Photoshop

You want to use your digital images with a watermark,Then you can create and embed watermark for your pictures using Photoshop. This photoshop article will show you how you can easily add transparent watermark and copyright info to your photos using Photoshop. Watermarks give you credit for your digital art and protects it from thieves.Creating a watermark in Adobe

How to convert Windows 7 into Hindi Language with Hindi Language Interface Pack (LIP)

Windows 7 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft.This windows has latest features and fast performance than its precedder operating system Windows Vista.Now if somebody having problem to operate Windows 7 in English and wants to operate Window 7 in Hindi ( हिन्दी ) ,You can download and install Microsoft’s Language Interface Pack (

The best online OCR or offline OCR application tools to convert image document to text, Word, HTML or PDF document

Sometimes you have some scanned material in image format and you need text of that document for some else work or you want to edit that text.If you need ocr software that can read handwritten text then read our earlier article. Then question arise in your mind is “ How to convert image document to

How to Increase, decrease, Stretch or compress Audio Length/duration

Friends one day my friend ask me that he wants to mix his home video with some voice over he found on internet and his problem was that audio and video lengths are different, So there was proper synchronization problem when he wants to join the audio and video. I suggested him to increase or stretch

How to free recharge your prepaid mobile in India?

Mobile is now a compulsory part of our life. Now call rate or tariffs becoming lower due to competition among telecom companies in India. Telecom companies providing cheapest rates and schemes to attract customers as a result they are getting lots of customers. But think about a situation that if we can recharge our mobile

How to add Related Content gadget to your blog post editor using Zemanta API

All blogger friends in blogosphere work hard to write daily blog posts to communicate their readers and regularly publish new relavant information for them.This post will help you to add Related Content widget to your blog post using Zemanta API.You can get more free traffic by adding your own old posts link or by backlinks from other site.Zemanta

How to type and use new Indian Rupee Symbol

Indian Rupee joins the elite club of currencies(i.e. euro,dollar,pound and yen which have their unique currency symbol) after announcement of new rupee symbol.This character will give global idendity and strength to indian economy.This symbol is perfect blend of Roman and Indian letters(Capital ‘R’ in english and ‘Ra’ in Hindi) so it will definately appeal indian

How to Setup an e-mail Account on your Blackberry Phone

When you will buy a new Blackberry phone, First thing comes in your mind to setup your mail account in your own Blackberry Phone, So that you can send or retrive emails directly from your Blackberry phone. So in this guide we will teach you How to Setup an e-mail Account on your Blackberry Phone. How