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Anyone can Make Android Smartphone Application with Google App Inventor

Android users count increasing day by day with many smartphone appears in the market based on Google Android OS.Google launched a new software tool that helps anyone to make apps for Android mobile phones. This software helps user to develop new android phone application without any programming knowledge.It’s a drag & drop app creation tool to help those without a collection

How to pay HDFC Credit Card Payment Online from Other Bank Accounts

Credit Cards became important part of daily life.And to avoid heavy interest of late payment, we have to make payment on time.But in busy life every time it is not possible to go to the corresponding Bank’s branch and make payment through cheque or visit ATM to make credit cards payment. So netbanking is a convenient option to

How to add any Site’s atom or RSS feed to Google or Yahoo Home page

Friends,All of us many times used Google and Yahoo pages for search related queries. But is n’t it great if contents from your favorite sites appear on your Google or Yahoo pages without opening those sites.So every time when your favorite site’s content updated,you can view them on Yahoo or Google pages by adding their

How to write a Google Blog in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu Languages

Are you new to blogging?Do you want to write a blog in local languages( Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu etc.) You are on write place,You can do this without installing any software or with tweaking your windows language setting. Suppose I want to write in hindi “हिंदी में गूगल ब्लॉग कैसे लिखे – इसके लिए

How to write a Blog in Google Blogger – Step by Step Guide

Do you want to share your idea,thoughts on your personal Blog?and you are thinking that how to make and write a Blog.I will tell you how to write a blog with Google Blogger. If you haven’t set up your blog yet, please read How To Start and Setup a Blog. Your blog can be anything from


Internet is a space to showcase and promote any business, or promote a product, make money online or just share personal ideas and stories.and a website or blog can make easy these things,If you are thinking to make a website or you want to earn money without investing a single penny You are on the

Modify Windows Installation Using Nlite Or Vlite

Have you ever thought to Modify Windows Installation? When you install Windows in your computer, you may spend more than 3-4 hours including drivers and software installation every time. And your important time wasted in this work. But if all your drivers, software, operating system, hot fixes, window installation key install automatically. You can Modify Windows Installation Using Nlite

Install Windows using USB Flash Disk or Pen Drive In Few Minutes

This is my story, why i want to Install Windows using USB Pen Drive. Actually I have an old laptop with 1.4 GHz single core processor and a faulty DVD ROM. Now when i need to install Windows 7 operating system in my laptop, i felt very helpless due to my faulty DVD ROM. Then