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How to Find Song used in YouTube video?

Are you intrigued to find a specific song on YouTube? Are you baffled about choosing a proper technique for locating that song? Well, the following guidelines bear some lucrative steps which can be easily employed in locating your preferred song on YouTube. Browse along, to know better. So here is the method to to Find Song

How To Copy Websites And Access Them Offline?

There is millions of software online. People keep surfing sites all day and night. But everyone does not have internet connectivity. Also sometimes there are problems of internet connectivity and people may need to open a site at that moment. So for those cases, there are ways to Copy Websites And Access Them Offline. How

How to Backup Gmail In Linux

There are lots of Linux users these days. It is one of the most fantastic operating system at present. Now people want to backup Gmail in Linux. Gmail is very important software for email users. They do not know how to do it. Here is the way to Backup Gmail In Linux. How to Backup

How To Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites at present. People are Tweeting all day round. There are options for adding Check In to the Tweets. But due to some privacy concern, people may wish to Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets. Here are the steps involved for that process. How To

Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentation

Do you wish to make your PowerPoint presentation appear all the more attractive? Are you intrigued to create a PowerPoint presentation, which is totally unique and different from the rest? Well, you can always do so, with the aid of YouTube videos. Yes! You can now easily embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint presentations with the

How To Backup Instagram Photos

Instagram is one of the most popular apps at present. It is a medium of uploading and editing photos. It connects people to share photos all round the world. Uploading and sharing of photos has become very easy and exciting with the help of this app. Here is the procedure to Backup Instagram Photos. How

How To Add Shortcuts To My Computer in Windows 8

It is in the sense to Add Shortcuts To My Computer, the first thing that comes in mind how to add it?? My computer contains various thinks like local disks, other related networks and flash drives which in turn gives easy access to all such containing needs. Apart from this you can also add any

How to Export Evernote Data

A lot of people use Evernote nowadays for taking down important notes in the form of writings, snaps or web address. But only taking notes will not help, you must also know how to Export Evernote Data in case of any backup. Based on the issue of exporting data from Evernote the following article is

How to Enable F8 Key for Safe Mode in Windows 8

Windows 8 introduces a boot loader which reduces the speed at which the windows 8 starts. On taking account, Microsoft removes the advanced booting option when you press the f8 key at the windows start. Not letting the user to get a quick access to safe mode by just pressing the F8 Key for Safe

10 Facebook Tricks

In today’s world we denote Facebook as something which is beyond needs. Many people are addicted to because one grows a lot of interest while using it. It has got cool features in it lot of games, many more apps, video calling etc. Also it contains the amazing Facebook Tricks which make your profile completely