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5 Methods to Download Only Audio from YouTube Video

Well talking about Download Only Audio from YouTube we come across a website name dirpy which is quite fast and easy to handle. If you want to convert any video to audio you can take the help of dirpy. There are many other ways to convert such you tube videos to audio. Following such ways

How to Use Evernote in Daily Life Efficiently

Evernote is basically a document based application available for Android and iOS users. Any type of information in the form of writing, picture or drawing can be stored in this application. It is potential to Use Evernote in Daily Life as it comes very handy nearly every time of need. Here we will discuss more

How to Trace and Track Sender of Email

There are many anonymous email senders around the world. Cyber crimes also go one many times due to these random mails. People often ask whether they can find or rather trace any email with the ID only. Well, of course it is possible. Anyone can do it. To Track sender of Email, the procedure is

How to Use Wikipedia Offline for Knowledge

Wikipedia is one of the mostly used websites online. It provides info on any possible thing of earth. It provides a detailed study of everything along with pictures. Its SEO ranking is at the top most level and people preferred Wikipedia over any other site. There is a way to use Wikipedia Offline. How to

How To Add Google Talk to Outlook.com

The outlook.com is out of preview and is filled with new releases to make one feel experience and productive in personal. Microsoft introduces Google talk, being integrated to outlook.com directly, through which we can message our friends for audio and text. This shows that Microsoft refreshes the mail service by Add Google Talk to Outlook.com.

5 Tools Unlock Password Protected PDF

PDF files are one of the most important files on the internet. Those are used for help files and other informative document. Any word document is generally used as PDF file on internet. But these days, there are few PDF files that are locked due to security purpose. To Unlock Password Protected PDF files, there

How to Find Recent Visitors in Facebook Account

What is the most popular thing on the internet at present? Obviously it is social networking sites. Among all the social networking sites, Facebook is the most popular without any doubt. Now people have various queries of who visits their profile. Facebook has no option to see them. But now you can Find Recent Visitors

Create Animated GIF Screencast or Demo in Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is best know for its screen capture abilities. It is considered one of the best Screencast tools. It is continuous adding many more new functionality to its list. You can easily create video of your Desktop Screen in avi, mp4, flv formats. It is also support GIF output. GIF image format is a well

5 Forthcoming Technologies You Need to Know About

Staying ahead of trends and technologies ensures businesses remain profitable, and helps individuals to take advantage of inventions, programs, and apps that make everything in life a little easier. In today’s technology-infused environment, some significant new programs and apps look quite promising for use in business this year. Here are the list of 5 Forthcoming Technologies

How to Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com

Calling has always been exciting in Skype. It has provided awesome video calling facilities. Outlook.com provides good internet facilities. But this time, Skype makes collaboration with Outlook and now Skype calls can be done from Outlook. On launching this feature, users were very excited. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, follows the procedure. How to