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20 Evernote Tricks and Tips – Part 1

Evernote is one of the best applications for using as a notepad. It is used to write notes. It is also used to send the noted to someone else via email. The application is fast evolving and people are praising a lot about it. There are many Evernote Tricks and Tips for using this application in

How to Customize existing Windows to Look like Windows 8

Windows 8 had created a record in terms of popularity. It is one of the fastest successes achieving OS of Windows. People are very satisfied using this OS. But there are many people who do not have Windows 8 installation pack. May be they cannot afford it right now. Everyone cannot afford the high priced

20 YouTube Tricks and Tips

YouTube is the one of the most popular site at present. It has millions of members. This site has achieved success on a very short span of time. Many people sit back at home and keep uploading videos on YouTube. They spend hours on YouTube, but they lack some YouTube tricks. These YouTube Tricks are necessary

How to Dual Boot Windows 8 and Windows 7

Windows 8 has become very popular on a short span of time. But people are still using Windows 7. They love few features of Windows 7 a lot and so they are not willing to leave it. At the same time they are willing to take Windows 8. These people want to have both Windows

Adobe Photoshop Tools for Beginners

Adobe Photoshop is till now regarded as the best photo editing software ever made and with other extensions and upgrades the software is becoming a huge hit amongst the customers who are enthusiast in editing photographs and are also very much popular among the youngsters and professional photographers. This software is often complicated for the

How to Increase Twitter Followers

There are a huge percentage of people around the globe having accounts on Twitter. But many people do not have many followers on their account. Having lots of followers is very important when a person has a Twitter account. It forms one of the integral parts of having a Twitter account. Today we will tell

How to Schedule Future Status Updates in Facebook

People are very busy these days. They hardly have time for themselves even. Managing life in this 21st century is difficult. Everything has to be very systematic. Life has to be planned very well in order to have a healthy living. People are managing many social networking sites at the same time. They need to manage

How to Make Wi-Fi Hot Spot from Windows 8 PC

These days, people prefer using Wi-Fi for availing internet service. They prefer making a device as Wi-Fi Hotspot and drawing data network from it. They can share the connection in any smart phones using the Wi-Fi connectivity. Preferably, people like to make their PC as their Wi-Fi Hotspot as the internet speed is quite high

How to Add Gmail and Yahoo Accounts in Windows 8 Mail

Windows 8 is a globally accepted OS with a new UI which works pretty well on PS’s as well as on laptops. But nothing in this world is perfect. The mail app in Windows 8 just doesn’t mix well with other clients like Gmail, yahoo etc. Here we are going to discuss how to add

10 Top Windows 8 Apps (Metro Apps)

Windows 8 have recently gained its popularity with its cool user interface and features. People want to know more and more about the operating system in order to explore it completely. The main attraction in Windows 8 is its wide range of applications most of which is available for free. Here I will discuss about