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Create Wireless Ad Hoc Internet Connection In Windows 8

Previous version of windows 8, the windows 7 had an interesting feature of enjoying a hot spot zone that too using our laptop. The feature named as “Ad Hoc Internet Connection” allows its users to get connected with other laptops or devices through internet. The neighboring devices and laptops can share out internet connection through

Disable Charms Hot Corner Without a Registry Hack on Windows 8.1

One of the primary disadvantages of using Windows 8.1 is the Hot Corner feature, which brings forth the Charms Bar when the Mouse pointer is hovered. This is however an optional feature now and you need to follow certain steps, in order to disable Charms Hot Corner. Using registry hacks is quite common, although this

Things to Know Before Installing Windows 8.1

Microsoft has brought the free upgrade for Windows 8 users and named it as Windows 8.1. However, every time you think of changing or upgrading your operating system you need to be very sure that everything is in order and ready. Particularly in case of upgrading Windows 8 there are many things to know Before

Disable Windows 8 Lock Screen Without Any Tool

Windows 8 is attractive and has excellent new features as you all know! Yet, there are some users who face few difficulties with the Lock screen in Windows 8 and further ones. As they do not get any benefit from it, so it is a waste for them to keep it. You can now easily

Default Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1 instead of Start Screen

Microsoft has come up with a new version of Windows 8 namely 8.1. It is understood to be an upgrade to the earlier launched 8.0. Few of the mentioned bugs and other problems have been done away with in this new version. With this new version, one can default Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1.

How to Remove Folders From My Computer in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has modified itself a bit by bringing more common directories or folders in “This PC” window which to some extent looks odd. Thus many users wanted to delete these folders in Windows 8.1 and we are here to help you out to do so in simplest ways. The following procedure needs to be followed

How to Speed Up Internet in Windows 8

Internet connection one of the technologies greatest achievement in electronic technology lets huge amount of data almost Gigabytes to access at a time. Most of the Internet Users have complaints all the time about its slow speed connection. Windows 8 using Users have issues regarding slow speed internet most times, but there is possibility to

How to Replace Stock Tiles in Windows 8 with Custom Designs

Did you ever want to replace stock tiles in Windows 8? Do you wish to grab an insight to the advantages you can avail from it? Well, give a quick read in order to know better about the methods which you should incorporate in or meet your requirement. How to Replace Stock Tiles in Windows 8

How to Add a Custom Background Image to Windows 8 Start Screen

One of the important features that can be seen in Windows 8 Operating System is the Start screen. It is usually seen when you first log into the operating system and also seen a majority of time while using the system. There are many types of ways through which you can have Custom Background Image

How To Add Shortcuts To My Computer in Windows 8

It is in the sense to Add Shortcuts To My Computer, the first thing that comes in mind how to add it?? My computer contains various thinks like local disks, other related networks and flash drives which in turn gives easy access to all such containing needs. Apart from this you can also add any