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How to Add Windows 8 Charms bar in Windows 7, Vista or XP

Did you see that latest and amazing charms bar in Windows 8? Are you totally fascinated by it? Do you want to Add Windows 8 Charms bar in Windows 7 , Vista and XP? Well, if you really wish to do so, and, if you’ve really grown out to be a “charms bar” fanatic, then

10 Top Windows 8 Themes Absolutely Free

Top Windows 8 themes are getting popular gradually: Windows 8 is one of the leading OS of computer at present. A huge percentage of people have shifted to Windows 8 in a very short span of time. It has provided lots of new features and an awesome UI. The home screen looks very mesmerizing and

10 Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop

With advance in technology nowadays lots of Top Windows Apps and Widgets for Desktop users. These Top Windows Apps and Widgets help user to improve the performance of their machine and work faster. Before installing an app one must know what impact it will have in his or her desktop. Here we are going to discuss

How to Enable Hibernate Option in Windows 8

Hibernate Option is added by Microsoft many years ago in Windows XP, When anybody  use Hibernate Feature instead of Shutting Down the Windows, All open programs like videos, spreadsheets or any web page will be transferred from RAM (Random Access Memory) to your Hard disk, and when next time you start your computer, you will

How to Restore Lost Metro Internet Explorer Tile in Modern UI or Start Screen in Windows 8

Microsoft’s recently launched Operating System Windows 8 bring many refreshing changes and updates with it. Microfoft Internet Explorer 10 is one such software, which bring many new features, improved HTML 5 support and performance improvement. You may have used it. IE 10 comes in dual version for Windows 8, one is desktop version and other


It was my early days in blogging when I wrote an article on how to install Windows XP/VISTA or WINDOWS 7 using USB PEN DRIVE/FLASH DISK, Now in 2012 Microsoft launched Windows 8 for Tablets, Desktops and Laptops, and some of you might need to install Windows 8 via Pen Drive or Flash Drive due to some

How to Add Metro Tiles for Shutdown, Restart and Log Off in Windows 8

You all know that Microsoft has released the consumer preview (beta version) of their latest version of Windows operating system, the Microsoft Windows 8 Consumer Preview. May be most of you have downloaded and installed the Windows 8 on your system to take a feel of it. The new OS will bring many UI changes

How to Change Metro Color Scheme in Windows 8

Windows 8 has new Metro UI interface which is a new innovation by Microsoft, Some people liked it while others don’t like it. Microsoft has adapt this Metro UI from Windows Phone Operating System. It has default color setting in this interface and you are unable to change different colour settings for its Metro UI.

How to Log Off, Restart or Shut Down Windows 8 Computer?

We have published articles on Microsoft’s Windows 8, many of us have already downloaded and install Windows 8 on our Laptop and Desktop. If you have used Windows 8, you will feel many changes in user interface of Windows 8, i.e. Metro UI Start Menu, IE 10 with dual user interface etc. If you have

How to make a bootable USB flash drive to install Windows 8 – Step by Step Guide

As we already told you about release of Microsoft Windows 8 Developer Preview, many geeks want their Hands on Windows 8 to check What’s new features added in Windows 8. You need a Windows 8 installation DVD to install Windows 8 on your Desktop or laptop. But if for some reason you are unable to