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How to Upload Video to Youtube from Google Drive

Years after Google got introduced; it has shot a high rating amongst its users. A popular application of Google, the Google Drive is one such which has came up with a lot of useful features. Similar to Drop box, Google Drive has a lot to explore. The Google application offers its users a perfect cloud

How to Find Song used in YouTube video?

Are you intrigued to find a specific song on YouTube? Are you baffled about choosing a proper technique for locating that song? Well, the following guidelines bear some lucrative steps which can be easily employed in locating your preferred song on YouTube. Browse along, to know better. So here is the method to to Find Song

Embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint Presentation

Do you wish to make your PowerPoint presentation appear all the more attractive? Are you intrigued to create a PowerPoint presentation, which is totally unique and different from the rest? Well, you can always do so, with the aid of YouTube videos. Yes! You can now easily embed YouTube Videos in PowerPoint presentations with the

5 Methods to Download Only Audio from YouTube Video

Well talking about Download Only Audio from YouTube we come across a website name dirpy which is quite fast and easy to handle. If you want to convert any video to audio you can take the help of dirpy. There are many other ways to convert such you tube videos to audio. Following such ways

20 YouTube Tricks and Tips

YouTube is the one of the most popular site at present. It has millions of members. This site has achieved success on a very short span of time. Many people sit back at home and keep uploading videos on YouTube. They spend hours on YouTube, but they lack some YouTube tricks. These YouTube Tricks are necessary

How to Download Actual Uploaded YouTube Video Instead of Predefined Sizes

People had been facing problem in downloading YouTube videos since many days. Firstly they cannot download the videos available on YouTube. Most of the people are facing this problem. The rest of the people, who are able to download the videos, cannot get those in original sizes. That is a great problem indeed. Many people

Embed External Website links in YouTube Videos

YouTube is a great platform for video Publishers to publish their content and make money online, and YouTube team is regularly updating its dashboard features. But the option to Embed External Website links in YouTube Videos is missing, Although you can embed any of below links in your Videos Embed Video link on YouTube Embed

How to Automatically Share YouTube videos to Facebook Fan Page

As you all know Facebook is most used social media network as well as YouTube is most used video sharing website. But if you want take profit of combo then it is the best option. You can promote your YouTube videos to more viewers with the help of Facebook sharing and it would be nice

How to Create Closed Captions and Add Closed Captions to YouTube Videos

YouTube is very popular video broadcasting website, and many people around the globe use it to share and view Videos. If you are a regular video watcher or uploader on YouTube, then you may have noticed the Captions appearing in many YouTube videos. Closed Captioning is the process of displaying text on a video screen

Watch Youtube Box Office for Latest Free Full HD Bollywood Movies Streaming

Youtube launched Youtube Box Office to watch latest Full HD bollywood movies online.  Although Youtube has already allowed viewers to watch Hindi movies online. Youtube Box office will allow to watch latest Hindi movie in partnership with sponsors. Currently Youtube Boxoffice showing the Full HD version of the Yash Raj Films Blockbuster Bollywood Film “Band Baja