Reset Computer Back to Clean State Each Time It Boots

When people are trying to manage a public computer, they need a special tool to manage such situations. The computer needs to a way to reset it to a clean state for each and every time it boots up. Windows itself offered such software tools, but only in XP and Vista and seems not to

Use Bitmap Images as Custom Brushes in Illustrator CC

Illustrator CC is the seventeenth edition of Illustrator which is an editor of vector graphics developed by Adobe Systems. It has been released with Creative Cloud which the first service model is having subscription based. Now users can have more benefits in it. Now brush definitions can contain images or hold them in non-vector artworks.

Default Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1 instead of Start Screen

Microsoft has come up with a new version of Windows 8 namely 8.1. It is understood to be an upgrade to the earlier launched 8.0. Few of the mentioned bugs and other problems have been done away with in this new version. With this new version, one can default Boot to Desktop in Windows 8.1.

How to Setup and Use Google Chromecast with iPhone, iPad or Mac?

An amazing application Google Chromecast launched for users to have an excitement of enjoying, watching and doing anything on HD TV from web without using remotes with Laptop, Smartphone and Tablet. This application on TV can cast the Google play music/movies, YouTube favorites and other more with just through button press. How to Setup and

How to Make 3D Stereoscope Images

People often watch 3D movies or 3D pictures these days with the help of a special spectacle which is basically a polarized glass. Many people wish to Make 3D Stereoscope Images by themselves and amaze people by their creativity. Well making 3D movies or pictures is not that tough though it may not be the

How to Use Chromecast on incognito tabs

Do you often face up a trouble time contemplating on How to use Chromecast on incognito tabs? The issue of chromecast might pose to be a challenge for the green horns. So, here is initiative to make you updated on the issue in a proficient manner. Have a look and get to be on familiar

How to Remove Folders From My Computer in Windows 8.1

Windows 8.1 has modified itself a bit by bringing more common directories or folders in “This PC” window which to some extent looks odd. Thus many users wanted to delete these folders in Windows 8.1 and we are here to help you out to do so in simplest ways. The following procedure needs to be followed

How to Speed Up Internet in Windows 8

Internet connection one of the technologies greatest achievement in electronic technology lets huge amount of data almost Gigabytes to access at a time. Most of the Internet Users have complaints all the time about its slow speed connection. Windows 8 using Users have issues regarding slow speed internet most times, but there is possibility to

5 Best Screen Recording Softwares

Computer user’s always finds the necessity of software’s to download some of the basic track records and save the information so as to get and view the records whenever required. Most time images or projects on computers, whether it might be home or work related, particularly capturing of screenshots is often needed. So, Screen Recording

Top 5 Free FTP Clients Available for Windows, Linux and Mac users

Transfer of files from one host to other is a performance where it needs files to be secured, protected from some sort of damages or being corrupted or missed sending of files. Network based FTP (File Transfer Protocol) transfer files through internet where client server manages the control over it. Internet provides lots of Free