5 Tools Unlock Password Protected PDF

PDF files are one of the most important files on the internet. Those are used for help files and other informative document. Any word document is generally used as PDF file on internet. But these days, there are few PDF files that are locked due to security purpose. To Unlock Password Protected PDF files, there

How to Find Recent Visitors in Facebook Account

What is the most popular thing on the internet at present? Obviously it is social networking sites. Among all the social networking sites, Facebook is the most popular without any doubt. Now people have various queries of who visits their profile. Facebook has no option to see them. But now you can Find Recent Visitors

Create Animated GIF Screencast or Demo in Camtasia Studio

Camtasia Studio is best know for its screen capture abilities. It is considered one of the best Screencast tools. It is continuous adding many more new functionality to its list. You can easily create video of your Desktop Screen in avi, mp4, flv formats. It is also support GIF output. GIF image format is a well

5 Forthcoming Technologies You Need to Know About

Staying ahead of trends and technologies ensures businesses remain profitable, and helps individuals to take advantage of inventions, programs, and apps that make everything in life a little easier. In today’s technology-infused environment, some significant new programs and apps look quite promising for use in business this year. Here are the list of 5 Forthcoming Technologies

How to Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com

Calling has always been exciting in Skype. It has provided awesome video calling facilities. Outlook.com provides good internet facilities. But this time, Skype makes collaboration with Outlook and now Skype calls can be done from Outlook. On launching this feature, users were very excited. To Make Skype Calls from Outlook.com, follows the procedure. How to

5 Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome has got various extensions that help to modify and use Google Chrome in a better way. Those give flexibility and efficiency to the users and help to use various other sites in a better way. They are some kinds of tricks that make the working faster. Here are the Top Google Plus Chrome

10 Notepad Tricks and Tips

Notepad is the most flexible program of Windows. It is used to create any type of file. On putting any extension, it changes into that file. There are many cool Notepad Tricks and Tips for notepad which may be funny too. These Notepad Tricks and Tips are discussed over here which must be tired out. 10 Notepad

10 Top Twitter Tools for Twitter Fans

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites at present. But people cannot make the best out of it without the use of few tools. There are plenty of tools available for Twitter. These tools make the work easier. Here are the best 10 Twitter tools that will help people. Top Twitter Tools

How to Create Fake Screenshots

Screenshots are useful in many ways nowadays. It can promote many software and games. People get an idea about the UI of any software through it. But there are ways to create fake screenshots even. Here are few ways to create fake screenshots in different techniques. How to Create Fake Screenshots Fake screenshots can be

How to Increase Google Plus Friends

Google Plus is one of the most popular sites on the internet at present. The number of members of Google Plus is increasing enormously. People want to know how to Increase Google Plus Friends. Well, there are many ways for doing that. Here are few of those points which will help the users. How to