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How to Backup Evernote Notebooks (Method for Both Windows and Macs)

There are many occasions when one may need to backup the notes present in the Evernote. There are plenty of reasons. One of the common reasons is when a person is going to format his or her device where the Evernote is installed. Also someone may Backup Evernote Notebooks for security purposes. Here the process for doing

How to Export Evernote Data

A lot of people use Evernote nowadays for taking down important notes in the form of writings, snaps or web address. But only taking notes will not help, you must also know how to Export Evernote Data in case of any backup. Based on the issue of exporting data from Evernote the following article is

How to Use Evernote in Daily Life Efficiently

Evernote is basically a document based application available for Android and iOS users. Any type of information in the form of writing, picture or drawing can be stored in this application. It is potential to Use Evernote in Daily Life as it comes very handy nearly every time of need. Here we will discuss more

20 Evernote Tips and Tricks – Part 2

Evernote is one of the most popular notepad apps at present. It is great for taking down notes on the go. It allows the user to sync the items with social networking sites and other users too. It gives complete flexibility and serves as an awesome notepad for the users. We have already shared first

20 Evernote Tricks and Tips – Part 1

Evernote is one of the best applications for using as a notepad. It is used to write notes. It is also used to send the noted to someone else via email. The application is fast evolving and people are praising a lot about it. There are many Evernote Tricks and Tips for using this application in