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5 Top Google Plus Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome has got various extensions that help to modify and use Google Chrome in a better way. Those give flexibility and efficiency to the users and help to use various other sites in a better way. They are some kinds of tricks that make the working faster. Here are the Top Google Plus Chrome

How to Increase Google Plus Friends

Google Plus is one of the most popular sites on the internet at present. The number of members of Google Plus is increasing enormously. People want to know how to Increase Google Plus Friends. Well, there are many ways for doing that. Here are few of those points which will help the users. How to

Google Plus Tricks and Tips for 2013

Google has newly introduced Google+ in the market which is called as the Facebook alternative by many. This newly launched social networking site has just come up to allow more and more people to join and the figures and facts are really impressive and inspiring. Only time can tell whether Facebook has got its real

Enable or Disable Comments in Google Plus

Google Plus also has commenting option similar to other social networks, But if you want to enable or disable comments in your Google Plus wall stream then follow below steps to do so. I will share with you How can you can Enable or Disable Comments in Google PlusĀ on any posts stream. How to Enable

How to Post On Facebook and Twitter from Google Plus

Google Plus is slowly joining bandwagon of most popular social media networks with Facebook and Twitter. Although if you are on all these three websites, then you need more time to post sharing and checking friends update on all three websites. But with Start G+ Google Chrome extension you can automatically share post and check