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5 Google Chrome Extentions for Twitter User

Twitter is perfectly balanced and simple to use for most of us. However, a selected few think it can be better. Being better however, does not need any third party client. By using a few basic Google Chrome extensions, Twitter can be made interesting to use too. Try some of these innovative extensions below to

How to Use Twitter lists to replace Google Reader

In the present scenario the two comprehensive giants such as the Google Reader as well as the famed Twitter lists seem to be in some sort of colliding mode. It is often being observed or studied that people are showing a growing tendency to use Twitter lists. At this you might also spot a surging

How To Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites at present. People are Tweeting all day round. There are options for adding Check In to the Tweets. But due to some privacy concern, people may wish to Delete All Location Information From Old Tweets. Here are the steps involved for that process. How To

10 Top Twitter Tools for Twitter Fans

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites at present. But people cannot make the best out of it without the use of few tools. There are plenty of tools available for Twitter. These tools make the work easier. Here are the best 10 Twitter tools that will help people. Top Twitter Tools

How to Increase Twitter Followers

There are a huge percentage of people around the globe having accounts on Twitter. But many people do not have many followers on their account. Having lots of followers is very important when a person has a Twitter account. It forms one of the integral parts of having a Twitter account. Today we will tell

20 Best Twitter Tricks and Tips for 2013

There are about more than 170 million users who use twitter actively every day. A significant amount of role is played by twitter in the media consumption. Twitter helps a lot in gathering info about a lot of celebrities who tweets frequently. Nearly everyone knows about how to post a tweet and to give a

How to Post On Facebook and Twitter from Google Plus

Google Plus is slowly joining bandwagon of most popular social media networks with Facebook and Twitter. Although if you are on all these three websites, then you need more time to post sharing and checking friends update on all three websites. But with Start G+ Google Chrome extension you can automatically share post and check