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How to Uninstall Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) in Windows 7 or Windows Vista

As we already told you that few days ago Microsoft has launched its popular internet browser Internet explorer’s updated beta version Internet Explorer 9.and you can download it from microsoft official website.This looks similar to Google Chrome.But it has only in beta stage so sometimes you face performance issues, although you can increase internet explorer’s

Read and write PDF files with free offline tool

Everybody needs PDF files documents for daily routine computer work.Either these are scanned documents, office documents or any other image, text or spreadsheet documents. You can easily split or merge PDF files by reading our earlier article. You can read PDF documents by various tools (i.e. Adobe Reader,Foxit PDF Reader or Nuance PDF Reader etc.),

New Generation CPU in Replica of Chevrolet Camaro Car

Everybody knows about Car giant company Chevrolet,Chevrolet Camaro Car is very popular car model.Chevrolet regularly launch merchandise of their popular car models,in this series Chevrolet launch a personal computer CPU, this PC brings a new dimension to computing with a dramatic shell design, combining entertainment, work, and play into a lifestyle-enhancing, car enthusiast’s dream. This

How to create "Control Panel" Shortcut on Desktop

Control Panel is very important location in any Windows operating system, and many times we have to use control panel features for our regular computer works in windows operating system.A person sometimes thinks that it will be a great feature if we can create “Control Panel” shortcut on Desktop and we can use it conveniently

How to convert Windows 7 into Hindi Language with Hindi Language Interface Pack (LIP)

Windows 7 is the latest operating system offered by Microsoft.This windows has latest features and fast performance than its precedder operating system Windows Vista.Now if somebody having problem to operate Windows 7 in English and wants to operate Window 7 in Hindi ( हिन्दी ) ,You can download and install Microsoft’s Language Interface Pack (