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10 Top Mac OS Apps for Mac Users

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Every person wants to get a PC or laptop from Apple but the cost matters lot. Though these laptops are meant only for the professionals and cannot be used by everyone. You need all original discs in order to make them run on your Mac. 10 Top Mac OS Apps are discussed below.

10 Top Mac OS Apps

First among Top Mac OS Apps is  Alfred. This is the most productive app which is designed to make things easier and adds privileges in running other apps faster than it usually does.
This paid app gives you a way to interact simply and efficiently with the calendar stuffs on your Mac OS. You can henceforth create appointments in simple languages and also helps to create reminders itself. This app also helps you to browse through your schedule on the menu bar.
This app helps you find and search for folders and sub-folders in an easier manner. This is an Apple’s own made application which helps you in such a manner.
This freely available app does the same thing like Fantastical. Just like fantastical helps you browse and manage your schedule for the month, CoBook helps you to manage through your contacts on your Macbook.
This app helps you to store your file in the available space in your Dropbox which provides you with a space of 2GB. You can import any kind of file in this free available space junction. You can hereby look into your Dropbox from any computer having an internet connection.
If you are in a marketing zone where you have to deal with people from around the world then this app might help you which allow you to see what time it is in other countries of the world.
This app deal in providing you with the sophisticated and most important software which helps you get your work done. This app has Microsoft Office suite, iWork suite which are also available separately.
Better Snap Tool
This is a paid up utility app which enables you to create and manage your desktop accordingly.
Adium and Trillian
This app acts as a messenger apart from Apple’s own iMessenger. These applications are known to be supporting more instant messaging services.
You can get this app from: https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/6366/adium OR                                                                  https://www.macupdate.com/app/mac/33408/trillian
This app on Mac OS remembers passwords and also helps to create secure passwords which can be handy and all data are hence saved no matter which apple device you are using.
The above Top Mac OS Apps are predicted to be helpful to the readers. If your favorite app is not mentioned in above Top Mac OS Apps, you can leave you comments below.

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