20 Evernote Tips and Tricks – Part 2

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Evernote is one of the most popular notepad apps at present. It is great for taking down notes on the go. It allows the user to sync the items with social networking sites and other users too. It gives complete flexibility and serves as an awesome notepad for the users. We have already shared first part of 20 Evernote Tips and Tricks, Now lets know about second part of 20 Evernote Tips and Tricks here.

20 Evernote Tips and Tricks

  1. Evernote is used for different kinds of people. The user may be a student, businessman, teacher, artist, etc. Users sometimes come up with many ideas or thoughts. But human mind is very unpredictable; thoughts can come up any time. May be the user wants to think about it later, but he or she is afraid that the thought may get lost. In those cases, the ideas must be noted down on Evernote and should be saved with ‘Idea’ tag to help search it later.
  2. There are many situations when a person wants to note down something but he or she do not have enough time to type. By the time the person types, he or she may miss something important. In those situations, there is a system to note down the idea in form of audio note. Just the new Audio note has to be selected and recorded.
  3. There are certain cases where people cannot take audio notes even. May be the situation is not permitting him or her to do that. In that situation, the user can make use of the ink note. For using this note, the user needs to be good at drawing on touch pads. The pencil or pen tool has to be selected and then the note has to be drawn like a painting.
  4. Evernote is one of the most flexible notepad tools. Sometimes people want to copy something from any blog or social networking site. The usual notepad apps will not allow direct copying and making it into a note. But with Evernote, the text does not need to be copied and pasted. Just the portion has to be selected and copied, it will be saved as a new Evernote file.
  5. Notes stored on Evernote can be synced with other devices. While creating new Notebook, one must choose the option for syncing. Once this is done, the notes in that Notebook will be synced to all the devices that are assigned to Evernote. By this way, one will reduce the risk of losing files.
  6. Some notes are not meant to be shared or synced with any other device. Those may be private for the user. In that case, a local notebook should be created. Local notebook does not let the notes to get shared or synced with other devices. In this way, the user can distinguish between public and private notes.
  7. The things on Evernote should be kept organized. That is the reason why Evernote has given two things- Notebook and Note. The notes have to be categorized according to the subjects and separate Notebooks have to be made of different subjects. By making the work organized, one can easily find out important notes in need.
  8. Evernote has also provided the option to use passwords. The users sometimes do not want few notes or few parts of some notes to be read by others. In those cases, they should use the password to encrypt the files. In Evernote, notes or few parts of notes can be secured with passwords, thus providing much security.
  9. Evernote provides few templates and also allows users to create templates. These templates will save the time in typing. Thus it gives more flexibility to the users. By using the templates, one will be able to handle Evernote in a better way.
  10. Evernote has a feature of creating Shared notebooks. This can help to share notes if a user works as a community. The notes can be shared to many devices or websites according to the user’s choice.
  11. Evernote should be used for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it is absolutely free of cost. There is of course a professional version of this app which needs to be paid as a subscription fee. But the free version is good enough for a common person.
  12. There should be a created inbox which may be named as “_INBOX” so that it draws attention as soon as Evernote is opened. The “_” is given so that this inbox comes right at the top in the alphabetical list. This inbox will store all the recent notes that are noted down in hurry, and thus can be checked later on.
  13. The paid version of Evernote provides an option of using the app in absence of internet. This means that the notes can be saved in the offline mode also and can be edited even. Thus a user can utilize this app even when the data connection is not there. But this feature is not available in the free version.
  14. There are two wonderful plug-in called the Web Clipper and the Outlook. These two plug-in for Evernote works brilliantly. Whenever any page needs to be saved which contains important info, the plug in will help to “clip” the page. All it needs to be done is opening up the page and hitting the Evernote button.
  15. Evernote has the fantastic feature of tagging. Emails can be tagged with the help of Evernote. There are many important emails that have no titles. But later on, due to more mails, the important mails tend to get scattered. In those cases, the important mails can be tagged so that those can be found later on.
  16. Evernote can be used to take a note about many meetings. Thus it will solve the purpose of remainder. It will just serve as an on-the-go notepad.
  17. iPhones have option for setting few notes as remainders. While creating the note, there will be an option for setting alarm at the bottom. That will help the user to create a remainder for that note. The notification has to be switched on in Evernote, otherwise it will be unnoticed.
  18. The latest iPhones also have option for creating new Evernote notes in a easier way. They have new home screen which will provide option for creating Evernote note without opening it. Thus it makes the usage of Evernote more flexible.
  19. Sometimes attachments need to be attached to enrich a note. Only the notes are not enough. The attachments may get ignored later on, so those needs to be assigned to the notes so that they are noticed later on. There are many situations where important files are associated with many issues. Those files will be forgotten later on, and then it will be a total waste.
  20. The iOS provides another feature to the Evernote. The files and images can be imported from the iPhone clipboard directly on to the Evernote. The user do not has to take the trouble to find the files and import selectively.

All the Evernote Tips and Tricks discussed above for Evernote are very useful. The above Evernote Tips and Tricks makes the best use of Evernote. The user can utilize the app to the fullest and also in an efficient way. These are the best Evernote Tips and Tricks.

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