5 Method to Crack Facebook Password and Protect Yourself

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In this modern age, hacking has been taken a negative side. For this reason, it is necessary to mention that the below noted techniques are not only to crack Facebook password but also hack your bank details, email, important documents, etc. so it is necessary to necessary precaution to avoid falling into such traps.

5 Method to Crack Facebook Password and Protect Yourself from Them

  1. Phishing:

It is one of the basic way of hacking. In this process, a fake login page is being created by the attacker. However it has to be noted that nowadays people usually don’t fall for such type of tricks. In such case, social engineering is done to drive the victim to click on the fake login page and enter his credentials. However if you are thinking that you are a victim of phishing, it is advised to change the password immediately.
Prevention: It is necessary to check the link which is being directed. Nowadays, many antivirus detects such pages.

  1. Keylogging:

In this method, the attacker installs a small program which sends every keys typed by the user using the keyboard.
Prevention: One of the best way to prevent such attack is to keep the anti-virus updated. Also don’t open files that are being sent by unknown persons.

  1. Trojans/ Backdoors:

It consists two parts – the client and the server. Under this method, the attacker sends the server file attached with a simple file or disguised as an ordinary file. On being clicked, the server creates a backdoor and thereby gives full control to the client which can easily crack Facebook password.
Prevention: It is advised to update the antivirus regularly. Also opening the files that are not from known is highly prohibited.

  1. Sniffing:

In this process, a process takes places which helps in stealing the current session. In this attack, the attacker imposes himself inbetween the server and the client and thereby gain the access the data. However it is very hard to sniff on network that are protected by SSL.  In this case, if the user log out, then the session ends and thereby logout the attacker also.
Prevention: It is advice to look out for the url that is being displayed at the address bar. If the address does not change from http:// to https:// then you have to assume that sniffing might be taking place.

  1. Social Engineering :

It is considered as one of the effective and dangerous way of crack Facebook password. In this method, the attacker uses guesses and tries to imposes himself as your friend and thereby convice you in revealing about yourself.
Prevention: It is advised and also recommended never to reveal your password to anyone. Also don’t answer any kind of email which tries to reveal your personal details.

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