5 Methods to Download Only Audio from YouTube Video

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Well talking about Download Only Audio from YouTube we come across a website name dirpy which is quite fast and easy to handle. If you want to convert any video to audio you can take the help of dirpy. There are many other ways to convert such you tube videos to audio. Following such ways are discussed below.

5 Methods to Download Only Audio from YouTube Video

The easiest method to Download Only Audio from YouTube is as follows.

  1. First copy the link from the YouTube video, go to the dirpy page, paste the link on the search box and click on the button dirpy. Next the video will start loading and you will be taken to dirpy studio page.
  2. You will have to name the file or the video name which you want to convert.
  3. Edit ID3 tags to MP3 which is going to be created.
  4. Within the video you can either save the whole of the video or just the snippet of it.
  5. The quality of the video you want to save. Sound differs in different quality.
  6. Video formats such as mp4, flv you want to convert it to mp3 for iPod, iPhone, iPad, download it.

Clip converter:
The specialty of this converter is you can decrease or increase volume with the help of this converter and select between stereo and mono. It has got many more features such as editing ID3 tags, album and title information, choosing bitrates. Next you can download the video without waiting for any sort of confirmation email, same page. The main which it does is it can convert other video formats to mp3 like flv, avi, mp4 etc by letting you choose the aspect ratio of the video 4:3, 16:9 etc. It also supports the popular video containing sites such as Google video, seven loads, You Tube, Daily motion, MySpace, Veoh etc. Thus, letting you Download Only Audio from YouTube.
HD downloader:
The easiest way to Download Only Audio from YouTube is using this downloader. Here you need to append sing at the beginning of URL on YouTube like singyoutube.com and the rest of the URL. This would help you to reach the HD downloader site from there you can select the audio bitrates for your mp3. Also you can download video for which authorization to run java applet is needed.
Fetch mp3:
It takes into account all types of YouTube video where you get to download videos of any quality   such as medium, high, maximum, low by just signing up. In case you don’t want to sign up, you can just select custom conversion where you need to fill the ID3 tags by editing and with the presence of the option transcoder you can even select ending and starting times. It has also got an official extension, Firefox.
Media converter:
Another cool converter which operates without wanting email address and it gives you offer to download some popular formats. It has got a rock neat interface containing cool widgets like unobtrusive ads, unlike the other converters. At the left module you can either browse the YouTube video or just enter the URL of it and select output file type to mp3. Also you can go for setting advanced option from where you can choose the bitrates and audio codec. The supported sites are blip.tv, clip converter, Facebook and Break. Also it contains fire extension which helps you to download and convert videos online.
On reading the above context you will find it very helpful, it contains the discussion about Download Audio from YouTube by doing some conversion, and get a good knowledge about how to do it.

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