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5 Office Gadgets That You Need But Don't Even Know About Yet

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Most business owners have little time to spare, so it pays to have a few handy gadgets around the office. Time-saving gadgets and devices that help reduce costs are always in vogue. Developers around the world are launching new and ground-breaking products, and a few will soon be office must-haves.

Here are five office gadgets that you need but don’t even know about yet:
1. MODO Lets You Organize Things Your Way
The newest modular office organizer is the MODO by B.A. Studio. It may look like a child’s wooden pegboard laying down, but the MODO does some serious work. Conveniently carved into its bamboo base are holes, grooves and slots that allow you to arrange the included aluminum pegs any way you like. MODO can stow pens and pencils, manage tangled cables and wires, hold your mail, stash USB flash drives, and just help you work more efficiently. Having it your way is not a novel idea, but MODO lets you arrange it your way.
2. Bendi Keyboard Lights Up and Takes Spills Too
Flexible keyboards have been around for awhile, but a bendy, new keyboard by Bendi gives a glow wherever you go. The waterproof device makes it easy to keep spills and splatters from ruining your day. The Bendi keyboard is made of durable and protective silicone so you can type quietly anywhere. The best part is the electric blue, light-up feature that makes it possible to work in the lowest light conditions.
3. Plug In Your Slippers and Reduce Heating Bills
It might sound a little weird, but Wammi’s Heating Slippers are powered by a USB port you can plug right into your computer. Slip into a pair of fuzzy, faux fur slippers and stay snug and cozy with warmth that is computer-generated with no software required. What a great way to save on office heating bills and keep your feet warm right under your desk.
4. Go Green With a Solar Charger
The solar window charger is a new product from XD Design, and it can juice up any device that has a USB port. Just stick the device to a sunny window and let old Sol’ charge up your mobile phone, MP3 player or other USB appliance. You can even put it in your car’s window to keep your navigation device powered up. Solar power is free, and this eco-friendly charger gives you the freedom to charge USB devices almost anywhere there is sun.
5. Air Purifier Doubles as a Spy Cam
Sometimes the only way to clean the air is to catch someone in the act. SecureGuard makes a working air purifying system that is paired with a fully-functioning, self-recording spy camera. It works by motion-detection to record high-quality, digital video for an affordable and discreet way to keep your office secure. It could be the most useful one of the five office gadgets that you need but don’t even know about yet.
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