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5 Tools Unlock Password Protected PDF

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PDF files are one of the most important files on the internet. Those are used for help files and other informative document. Any word document is generally used as PDF file on internet. But these days, there are few PDF files that are locked due to security purpose. To Unlock Password Protected PDF files, there are many online and offline tools.

5 Tools Unlock Password Protected PDF

  1. PDFUnlock! This is a free website that helps to remove any kinds of restrictions from PDF files. Sometimes there are many restricted PDF files also. These restrictions come up for many reasons of security. This tool allows the user to upload file size of maximum 10 MB. So there comes a limitation of the software. This tool will completely remove the passwords from any PDF.
  2. Free My PDF This is another site to Unlock Password Protected PDF. This can be called as a higher version of the previous tool. This removes all sorts of restrictions and passwords from PDF files. Not only that, but it also removes restrictions from editing and modifying the PDF file. This tool works only for those PDF files which do not need any plug in for 3rd party.
  3. Unlock-PDF.com This tool helps to Unlock Password Protected PDF in those cases when the PDF file is locked for Copy-Paste and Printing options. Those kinds of PDF files are called to have an “owner’s password”. For those kinds of PDF file, this tool is the best. It will remove those problems of password and user will be able to copy or paste or print the PDF file without any difficulty.
  4. Appnimi PDF Password Recovery This is a bit weird concept. This tool is another of the best tools to Unlock Password Protected PDF. This does not remove the restrictions or passwords of PDF files, rather it searches for the passwords. This is nice indeed as no illegal work is being done.
  5. PDF Password Remover Tool This tool is used to decrypt the encrypted PDF files which have owner’s password. These owner’s passwords do not allow the user to modify the PDF file in any way.

All the tools discussed above are very effective and help to Unlock Password Protected PDF files. PDF files are very important and protections sometimes create problem. In order to solve it, the above tools are there. Some of the tools work offline even, so nothing can be better than those.

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