5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome

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One of the most popular email services at present is of course undoubtedly the Gmail. People who use Google Chrome know that there are plenty of extensions that help to modify Gmail. These extensions add up extra features to the Chrome. Here are the 5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome.

5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome

  1. Mail Checker Plus for Gmail- This is just awesome and one of the Top Gmail extensions for Chrome. It provides a toolbar in the desktop of the computer. All the unread mails are shown on the toolbar. Mails can be read, deleted or marked as spam without opening the Gmail. New mails are shown as pop ups.
  2. Key Rocket for Gmail- Using shortcuts in Gmail can make work faster and easier. This extension helps to use shortcuts. But people often tend to forget so many shortcuts. Now there is no need to worry for that also because Key Rocket shows all the shortcuts on screen.
  3. Boomerang for Gmail- This is another Top Gmail extensions for Chrome. There are some mails which need to be sent at a particular time, but a person may not be free at that time. This extension helps a mail to be sent at a selected time and date. Even if a person is offline, this extension will send the mail for that person. This time and date has to be specified while creating the mail.
  4. Wise Stamp Email Signatures- People who runs any business should use this extension. Adding signatures to mail will be very useful for those people. This extension will help to add links or some messages as signature on every mail. Pages of social networking sites can be promoted using this extension. Also some websites or blogs can be shared using this extension.
  5. Rapportive- This extension has a superb concept and technology. It shows all the contacts on the Gmail. It links all the contacts with their respective social networking sites. Once a mail is opened, it will show all the info about the sender. It will also show the recent Tweets of the sender. Thus it gives a complete info.

All the above Top Gmail extensions for Chrome are very useful and are made for various kinds of people. People will choose variety of extensions according to their need. There are lots of extensions available, but these are 5 Top Gmail extensions for Chrome. One must have Google Chrome to avail all these extensions on Gmail.

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