Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 2

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At present, the video editing software programs are in great demand. There are plenty of software programs for video editing and so people get confused which one to use. When it comes for post production, there is no other software better than Adobe After Effects. Here is a detailed study of Adobe After Effects CC Interface.
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Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 2

Better tools offered:
The new 3D Camera Tracker introduced in Adobe After Effects CC is one of the best tools ever. It allows the user to make camera movements in the footage which seem to be original. Thus video editing has been made for flexible for the users. There is a Global Performance cache which helps smooth functioning of the software. High quality video files can be handled efficiently with the help of this. This also let the user do any project that was opened last and also from the last editing point. The performance of the new Adobe After Effects CC has been modified in better way. The processing of effects has been accelerated in this version of Adobe After Effects.
Controlling the playback:
There is no problem for such difficulty. The tool bars can be gained back by enabling the tool bars on the Window menu. The playback can also be controlled on this software. The space key on the keyboard can be used to start or stop the playback on this software. The video quality and processing is accelerated now using virtual 64 bit GPU. This makes the working more efficient than before. The RAM preview option is also there on the right side which will show the current RAM usage of the computer for the software. Checking this option is very important on a regular basis as video editing tends to occupy a large RAM space on the computer.
Effects are organized in a panel:
The effects are found just below the playback tool in form of a panel. All the exciting and useful effects are available handy over here. So the user does not have to search for the commonly used VFX. It is important to select suitable elements that are to be compressed to the videos. This software support lots of audio, video and picture formats. So a person does not have to worry about the file formats, unless it is a very weird one.
The software is filled with VFX and presents. One needs to know how to utilize them all. Adobe provides all the resources but only a good professional can make the best out of it. So the user needs to get accustomed with all the effects and their functioning to produce a professional quality video. Hope you like our article Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 2, Please also read First Part of this Article – Basic Idea of Adobe After Effects CC Interface Part 1.

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