Create Wireless Ad Hoc Internet Connection In Windows 8

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Previous version of windows 8, the windows 7 had an interesting feature of enjoying a hot spot zone that too using our laptop. The feature named as “Ad Hoc Internet Connection” allows its users to get connected with other laptops or devices through internet. The neighboring devices and laptops can share out internet connection through this feature. Similarly, the Windows 8 do not wish to stay back. The following procedures can easily help you to create Ad Hoc internet connection in Windows 8.

How to Create Wireless Ad Hoc Internet Connection In Windows 8

The connection of Ad Hoc mode does not have any perfect communication channel. Also called a peer to peer mode, it needs the nodes to remain within the range so that it can share the Wi-Fi. Before creating the Ad hoc Internet connection, two devices are needed, X and Y. one thing to notice before starting is that, the Windows Zero Configuration (WZC) must be present.

So, let’s start with the procedure:

  • Firstly, we need to create the Ad Hoc network profile on the first client, computer X. for this, go to the Control panel option from the Start Taskbar or by right clicking Start Button. From there, go to the option named as Network and Sharing Center, search for Wireless Network connection. Next, select the option named as “Properties” by right clicking on it.
  • The Wireless Network connection properties opens, the box shows three tabs, choose the one mentioned as “Wireless Networks” and select the “Add” option.
  • Next, on the first tab mentioned as “Association” of the same window, there is space labeled as Network Name [SSID], type a name there as “abcdef”. Move to the bottom of the box and tick on the option phrased as “This is a computer-to computer [ad hoc] network; wireless access points are not used”. Next click on the OK option.
  • Next, you get an account in Preferred Networks named as abcdef already typed earlier. Save the settings by pressing the OK option. The Ad Hoc internet connection in Windows 8 is half done.
  • Next, you will have to configure an IP address on the first client, computer X manually. For this, select the “Properties” option by right clicking on the “Wireless Network Connection option”.
  • Next on the box appearing named as “Wireless Network Connection Properties”, go to the “General” tab and double click on the option as “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP).
  • Following the process, tick the phrase given as “Use the following IP address” and put the asked IP address and Subnet mask. Save it by clicking OK. Click OK on the Wireless Network connection Properties Window also.
  • Similarly, on the second client, computer Y, scan for the Ad Hoc network and search for abcdef used earlier and click on “connect anyway”.
  • Similar as before, configure the IP address on computer Y manually and you will find the abcdef network mentioning connected.

So, Ad Hoc internet connection in Windows 8 is easy and done!

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