20 Evernote Tricks and Tips – Part 1

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Evernote is one of the best applications for using as a notepad. It is used to write notes. It is also used to send the noted to someone else via email. The application is fast evolving and people are praising a lot about it. There are many Evernote Tricks and Tips for using this application in a better way.

20 Evernote Tricks and Tips

  1. The Evernote can be used to send notes via email as said earlier. While sending notes to other via email, people can tag the receiver. This tagging can be done very easily. The notepad that they end up can be designated also. The procedure for this is simple. First the Settings option has to be opened. Then the Account Summary has to be opened. There will be an option of Account Info.
  2. The searching of notes on Evernote can be done efficiently. It can be done by scanning the notes by Notebook or Tag. This technique is least modern method though. But the process is not that bad. If a person knows what to find exactly, this process should not be a problem. If destination is known, the path can be made easily.
  3. Another way to search Evernote notes is typing the search item on the search box. The Evernote has great system of finding notes using this search box. Once a person starts typing the search element, Evernote starts showing results for the given inputs. In this way, a person can easily find out what he or she is finding. It does real time searching which is just great.
  4. The Evernote’s handwritten notes can be searched too. This is just too good feature. First the picture of the note has to be taken. The notes can be scanned too. Then a name has to be given to those. While searching, it can search these notes as well.
  5. Evernote has syncing option also. One should keep the ‘Synced with Evernote” option turned on. This option syncs all the notes with the hard drives. All the notes will be saved on the hard drive. Thus there will be less risk factor. In case notes get lost, it can be recovered.
  6. The notebooks should be stacked for organizing the files in better way. When things are kept organized, files can be found during emergency. Keeping things disorganized is very bad. Files tend to get haphazard.
  7. The titles should be given properly. The titles given should be remembered during the course of searching. If titles are entered properly, files can be found easily during search.
  8. While searching something, Booleans should be used. The + or – should be used properly while searching something on Evernote. The + is used to add a word as search element and – is used to ignore a word in the search element.
  9. The asterisk has to be used for efficient use of Evernote. This * can be used to read minds. Not literally reading minds though. It can be used to separate a word’s letters into fragments and searching something.
  10. The ‘any’ keyword is a good feature of Evernote search. It should be used on the search element. Using the any keyword splits up a sentence and searches for individual words of the search element sentence.
  11. While sharing ideas on Evernote, sometimes it may happen that two individuals are having same thoughts. Those thoughts must be merged into a single one and shared. This way the Evernote can be used more efficiently.
  12. When searching for the same content repeatedly, people can save time. The previous searches are saved over there. They can use those saved search elements so that they can save time for entering the search elements again and again.
  13. The search elements can be saved on Evernote. This can be done by entering the search elements and saving those. This will in turn save time for later use.
  14. The important and sensitive info can be protected on Evernote. Both the Windows OS and Mac OS have options for encrypting important info of Evernote. This is really good. People get scared to lose their documents. The documents may be really very important to them. Losing those may lead to very bad affect.
  15. The double inverted comma should be used in search element. On putting a double inverted comma before a keyword or a search element searches that word from any note. Then the double inverted comma can be put before or after the word according to user’s input.
  16. While maintaining many notebooks, it becomes difficult to manage all. On Evernote, it is very easy. People can manage different notebooks easily and without any difficulty. All the notes from different notebooks must be put on a single notebook. This will help while searching for anything quickly.
  17. There are many situations when a person searches for something which is already there on the hard drive. This thing can get repeated many times. It happed with many people. It is one of the most common mistakes. People tend to forget. They can’t help in that. What is the solution in those cases? This cannot get repeated every time. People will feel disgusted. First and foremost one must install Google Chrome as the browser. If it is there, then well and good. If it is not there, it has to be installed. Then there will be option for searching the Evernote notebook on Google Chrome.
  18. Notes must be put on Evernote. Just sitting back ideally without utilizing Evernote is of no use.
  19. The ‘intitle’ keyword has to be on search elements. This helps in searching notes faster.
  20. While searching, tag should be used for performing quick search.

Evernote is one of the best applications of notebook. It has lots of features and advantages over other notebooks. The searching techniques are really praise worthy. It also gives the feature of sharing the notes. Thus Evernote is a complete package of notebook application with fantastic features. Hope you liked our article 20 Evernote Tricks and Tips, We will also publish next 20 Evernote Tricks and Tips in our upcoming article, so keep visiting our site for new updates.

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