How to Backup Gmail In Linux

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There are lots of Linux users these days. It is one of the most fantastic operating system at present. Now people want to backup Gmail in Linux. Gmail is very important software for email users. They do not know how to do it. Here is the way to Backup Gmail In Linux.

How to Backup Gmail In Linux

The getmail:
To Backup Gmail In Linux, first and foremost the getmail has to be installed. This can be availed from this site http://pyropus.ca/software/getmail/#download. The next step involved in this process is configuring the Gmail. The POP has to be turned on in the Gmail account of the user. As the user wants to copy all the emails that he or she have, it is highly recommended that he or she should enable the “Enable POP for all mail”. There is also a sub category called the “When messages are accessed with POP”. In this, the “Keep Gmail’s copy in the Inbox” option has to be selected.
The procedure:
Enabling this option will make sure that Gmail keeps the emails of a user even when those are backed up. There are two ways of storing emails on Linux. The two ways are mbox and Maildir. In case of mbox, all the emails that a person has on the Gmail are piled up together and are stored in a huge file. In case of Maildir it’s a bit different. Each and every email is stored in individual files. Both the methods are useful and the utilization varies with situation.  The mbox format is the most common method. A directory known as the “.getmail” has to be made in the home directory having the command “mkdir ~/.getmail”.
With the help of this, the configuration data and the logs of debug will be stored which gets generated. Then another directory has to be made called the “mkdir ~/gmail-arhive” which will actually store the email. After all these are done, the getmail has to be run. Thus all the email of a user of Gmail will be backed up on Linux. The job is pretty syntactical and not that user friendly.
That is the drawback of the process. Backup of Gmail is very crucial task and many people need the help to do this on Linux. It is a very important task for many people who manage businesses. So the above steps have to be followed to Backup Gmail In Linux and the problem will be solved.

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