How to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8

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Tech geeks are always testing new things, some times experimenting software or uninstalling unwanted software. Sometime different steps required for troubleshooting of Windows. Sometimes we need Windows boot into safe mode to troubleshoot different hardware and software. Windows safe mode option is very easy to find until Windows 7. But this option has slightly changed in new Microsoft Windows 8. Because in Windows 8, the normal method of pressing F8 at the time of booting doesn’t allow to boot in safe mode. Even pre release versions of Windows 8 are able to boot in safe mode with Shift+F8 key combination, but this option won’t work in final release of Microsoft Windows 8. So boot into safe mode in Windows 8 can be done by a small trick. In this tutorial, We will guide you How to boot into safe mode in Windows 8.


How to Boot into Safe Mode in Windows 8

  1. First of all you have to Open Run dialog box, There are two method to open Run program Window
    • In First method, You can Press Window+R key Combination
    • In Second method, You can press R key or search run in setting section
  2. After Opening Run Program Window, type msconfig command in Run Program window
  3. After entering command, System Configuration window will open
  4. Then go to Boot Tab
  5. Then select safe mode check box in boot options
  6. Click on Apply and OK button
  7. Now it will prompt to restart computer, So click on Restart
  8. After reboot, your computer will boot into safe mode in Windows 8

After completing your desired work in Safe Mode, if you want to start computer in normal mode, then you have to perform Steps 1 to 4 again, and then uncheck safe mode check box in boot options. Then perform steps 6 and 7, and then your computer will boot in normal mode.
If you have any issues to perform above steps, please share in comment section.

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