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How to Convert handwritten Image files into Text by OCR Software

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There are OCR software tools  available in the market for converting printed text image to normal text document or ocr software that can read handwritten text ,We have already discussed about them in our earlier article ” The best online OCR or offline OCR application tools to convert  image document  to text, Word, HTML or PDF  document “.Now in this article we are going to tell you about a OCR (Optical Character Recognition software) software tool which can convert handwritten Image files into Text document file or ocr software that can read handwritten text.Suppose you have some material in handwritten text on a paper and you want the same material in text document then you have to just download a free software utility called Simple OCR from here.

Now scan your handwritten text paper notes in scanner and save them in your computer,then use Simple OCR to convert the scanned handwritten text images to text, word, excel, HTML or PDF document format,This is very good ocr software that can read handwritten text.
Features of Simple OCR :

  • User interface
  • Support for languages
  • Character recognition accuracy
  • Page layout reconstruction accuracy
  • Multi-engine voting technology
  • Support for searchable PDF output
  • Speed conversion
  • Special features for niche projects

Simple OCR can read tiff, jpg, bmp format files as an input handwritten text images.This software has in-built spell checker software to give you accurate text output.

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