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How to Convert Web Pages to PDFs Without any Software

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PDFs are most commonly used files in the computer world for various purpose, Sometimes you need to convert web pages or documents to PDF for easy printout option. There are many free or paid Software available in the market to save or convert documents or web pages to PDF and you can use your PDF the way you want.
But you don’t need to install any third party free or paid software to convert Web Pages to PDFs if you already have Google Chrome browser installed in your computer.

How to Save Web Pages to PDFs Without any Software

  1. First Open the web page in Google Chrome which you want to convert in to PDF
  2. Now press Ctrl+P (or Cmd+P if you are on a Mac) key combination to open the Print options
  3. Now just change the destination printer options to “Save as PDF”
  4. Then click on the Print button
  5. Then your web page will instantly save as a PDF document

So You don’t have to install any software on your computer or any Google Chrome extensions in your browser, because the Chrome itself workss as a PDF converter. It is very useful for downloading PDF copies of web pages that involve money transactions or secure data ( i.e. checkout page on a product shopping website) because you can not save such pages to any online PDF conversion service as they are very personal and secure transactions.
If you want to convert your local image files, text files and any local HTML web pages to PDFs then you can also take help of Chrome’s PDF engine. You just need to open a file in Google Chrome browser and then select Destination printer to “Save as PDF”, it can convert the file to PDF.
If you all have still any issues to Convert Web Pages to PDFs Without any Software, please share with us in our comment section.

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